Computing Security: Understanding and Defending against Botnets

Computing Security: Understanding and Defending against Botnets

World computers hijacked into botnets went from estimates in 2007 at 7 to 11 percent to a year later at 25 percent. They are now reported as high as 40 percent of the 800,000,000 (800 million) world computers…..

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Understanding and Defending against Botnets and Stealthy Malware
Dr. Dobb’s Journal Thu, 16 Jul 2009 09:35 AM PDT
Developing anti-botnet defense strategies Sponsored Topics: Botnet – Security – Federal Trade Commission – Spyware – Law

An Uptick on the Council of Europe Treaty on Cybercrime……

Hacker-Tool Law Still Does Little
On August 10, 2007, a new section of the German Penal code went into effect. The statute, intended to implement certain provisions of the Council of Europe Treaty on Cybercrime, could be interpreted to make the creation ordistribution of computer security software a criminal offense.

PLAY))) Malware Botnet Cartel (BCPCNet-Modcasts) 26.2M
http://www DestroyBotnetCartel. mp3

January 18, 2007 – Size 26.2M AUDIO MP3
Malware Botnet Cartel
This Modcast contains my personal blunt observations about the actual greatest threat today – what is called in slang the “zombie networks” in the world. Plainly, zombie networks are made up of hijacked average user computers that are infested with malware and are called zombie computers individually. The other term mostly used is Botnets – meaning the same thing – but jargon here as malware botnets rather than any other valid use type ones – but here meaning with nefarious or extremely wicked or villainous use. I propose a new term to describe what possibly may be an alarming truth – a nefarious Botnet Cartel – and the dawn of a Magna Carta to destroy the evil Botnot Cartel worldwide. This is a challenge in discussion for every user, new an old, as a last ditch campaign to free every user from the “Botnet Cartel” as it is my opinion that the World Raid on them may result in wholesale arrests even against the average user that neglected security or simply refused to purposely. The current reports in January 2007 right off the presses are estimates of 7 to 11 percent of world computers are in a malware botnet either by choice or neglect and directly responsible for up to 4 percent of the United States population that are suffering Identity Theft annually and up to 60 to 70 percent of all world (UCE) Unsolicited Commercial Email – “Spam”. The challenge… listen up and join in the proposal. “Malware Botnet Cartel”.

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