Dangers of free Abandoned and “Public Domain” softwares (not supported)

Dangers of free Abandoned and “Public Domain” softwares (not supported) Posted by bluecollarpc at 05:58 PM on November 25, 2009 http://bluecollarpc.webs.com/apps/blog/show/2198525 Dangers of free Abandoned and “Public Domain” softwares (not supported)


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A starting place to understand software that is supported as having updates buttons etc (in much of today’s sharewares and genuine freewares) is to understand “Projects” at free/donate Open Source software which is created and distributed at famous ….

SourceForge.net: Find and Develop Open Source Software

A software project there is a software begun and / or finished and is created by programmer software writers around the world who contribute to the software project. In shareware (buy) it is commercial and private in these areas by those creations for wares and profit by them. Today, of course, crimeware (malware) tries to get into everything, and security has become a must and was addressed with the Windows Vista release as a sideline. Many, or a majority of softwares today – shareware, freeware, open source – are being revamped to beef up security and anti-cracking technologies against piracy. It is simply the current horizon and atmosphere on the public internet – cyber crime flourishing via malwares of various sorts and reverse engineering of softwares. And this is the subject matter of this blog post – unattended, unsupported, and abandoned softwares in distribution. Read on to learn the dangers that may be present in your computer ! You are most likely at risk and there is a solution(s ) available ! Read on…..

Reverse engineering
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many times you hear a question like – “Does the free program ‘CoolProgram-Example’ include viruses or spyware? Answer: If it is a bootleg piracy copy from a malicious download site you can bet your life on that today – or don’t rather !

SEE EXAMPLE: (originally answered this at Yahoo Answers here…..

Avid Free DV
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“….Avid discontinued this product, stating: “Effective September 1, 2007, Avid is discontinuing the Avid Free DV application offer, and has no immediate plans to make an updated version available.”[1]….”

Comment: “It is no longer supported and therefore has no updates or upgrades and may be very unsafe as unattended softwares are a prime target as soft targets for break in to computers via malwares.”

SEE and install…..

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
Works with: Windows 2000 SP4/XP SP2 or later/Vista
“…..Are you part of a sad statistic? The average user without the Secunia PSI has 12 insecure programs installed on their PC! [ Read the blog ] ….”

If it was abandoned as far as copyright and so on etc… it could be dropped off into “Public Domain” or is “Abandonware” software which may indeed be recrafted in some manner as completely infected (reverse engineered as malicious download containing malware embedded). Who is still running that one ? (Malicious webhost ? example) … there may still be copyright violation to have it up for download ? Read the Wikipedia article….

NOTE: (“public domain” in this blog means expired software in the public domain as no owner, yet they are downloadable – questionable)

old IBM public domain and shareware
OldSoftware.com’s huge list of slightly older Public Domain and Shareware software for IBM compatible systems.

Abandonware – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
People have distributed old software since shortly after the beginning of … Transfer of public domain or freely licensed software is perfectly legal, …

RECOMMENDATION ….. Point of this blog post is research a download being MUCH more observant to the threats possible to personal security (bundled with spyware by pirates) when even “shopping” for legitimate freeware. Note here the new dangers by the crimeware and cyber criminal environment and do know they are doing this as we speak continually in all manners. This is just one more story and danger “in the naked city”.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO INSTALL SECUNIA PSI IMMEDIATELY !!! Out of date unsecure software many times has the free updates and patches available by their creators which PSI gives links to automatically when scan is done.


Happy and Safe Computing from the BlueCollarPC pages…
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