Differences – sharware, freeware, donate Security products

Differences – sharware, freeware, donate Security products

We are at such a late date in malware today – but a new decade in the Security horizon. In the years I have been a Helper in the community I have found generally the greatest threat is actually someone not aware of the dangers. Of course I finally got rid of my almost humiliating “newbie” tag days and then the computer jargon of it all comes into play – learnong how to even pose an intelligent question. Like learning finally there are viruses and worms – but these are not adware and spyware which are different and antivirus products do not get rid of them and is why they created antispyware products. And then the “Orson Wells” of it all – is it all “snake oil” (worthless products) or the industry itself infects and “milk money” (mafia protection fee) is collected through anti this and anti that.

Unfortunately all malware is exactly as described in any publication you will find – meaning the horror of computer damage or the horror of cyber criime as far as IDTheft and the like areas there as corporate extortion and so on. What to do ?

Just becoming aware of threats has won the ballgame, believe me.  In discovering the dangers of malware – virus and worm can destroy, adware and spyware can spy copy and broadcast data, trojans and rootkits can control – in the simple act of becoming aware of threats to computers and personal data today has put you on the road to Computing Safety. This is because the next logical step one takes is to find out how to get protected if possible. This next step is to today’s security solution products – security softwares antivirus, antispyware, and a personal firewall for each computer.

Now, you soon find out about “Real Time Protection” which is as heuristics or intrusion protection or any tag name for these universal technologies protecting everything 24/7. Everywhere you browse, all email attachments and emails themselves (embedded threat as a jpeg photo virus) , downloading and opening softwares and files and documents etc – all is monitored for infection ready to execute to either mess up your computer or financial life.

If you just caught up with that – you have found out the free home versions traditionally have no Real Time Protection activated which is after purchase, though there have been a couple high quality products offered free to the Community such as former award winning (West Coast Labs Certification, VB100 award) Microsoft Windows One Care antivirus which is now free to the community from them and renamed “Microsoft Essentials”. Of course there has been popular and very effective Windows Defender which began as Microsoft Antispyware and is not part of Windows in Vista and after (can use or not). Windows Defender is one of two antispyware programs in all the world I know of that indeed has Real Time Protection as pay products do. The other of course is popular Spyware Terminator with enterprise Clam antivirus which apparently removed offenses from the old Crawler toolbar listed as malware and now is clear of the red flagging in the industry. Sometimes they call that a “rebranded” toolbar. Many times crimeware is changed a little, repackaged, and reused to infect to get past detection which has been laughable to the security industry.

So bottom line and closing message is the point of this post – the difference in realizing you were not protected if you used a free or donate home version product that does not have Real Time Protecion activated traditionally in shareware (purchased) products. The free home versions offered by many top companies are called stand alone scanners and are “reactive” protection – scanning for and removing after infections. The real time products are called the proactive security solution.

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