BlueCollarPC.Org Moves To BlueCollarPC.US – Update Bookmarks !

BlueCollarPC.Org Moves To BlueCollarPC.US – Update Bookmarks !The has been Launched June 14 2010…. we have already moved ALL content from the BlueCollarC.Org there and it is up and running seamlessly. this has prevented any major disruption and inconvenience except for changing any bookmarks.

For our Toolbar Members, we have as well changed the various links and menus to the new domain. We apologize for any confusion in this transfer as it was not well advertised.

Welcome to the BlueCollarPC.US new BlueCollarPC Computing Security webpages !

Please bookmark us and spread the word to some fantastic malware removal help (best) and great general Computing Safety Information and interaction in our several groups and forums and RSS members.

*****Happy and Safe Computing ! *****
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What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?

What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?


Fw: New announcement: Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available
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Subject: New announcement: Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available

Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available…

Mid-decade, 2000-2010, Microsoft changed the delivery of Windows Updates – at the time released as produced. Also with industrial level (corporate IT, etc.), it was a better bundled one day aside for Updates/Upgrades/Patch-Fix. IT Levels needed time for previews for compatibility issues etc. as well.

Now, Microsoft issues Windows Updates including critical and important security updates/patches on the Second Tuesday of each month – dubbed “PATCH TUESDAY”….
The exception as example, would be an emergency security patch issued to foil malicious takeovers – patching/fixing any flaw in Windows found / discovered, ongoing. This (these) are issued immediately after safe pre-testing as an emergency security patch/fix and are called “OUT – OF – CYCLE” patch .

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