What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?

What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?


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Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available…

Mid-decade, 2000-2010, Microsoft changed the delivery of Windows Updates – at the time released as produced. Also with industrial level (corporate IT, etc.), it was a better bundled one day aside for Updates/Upgrades/Patch-Fix. IT Levels needed time for previews for compatibility issues etc. as well.

Now, Microsoft issues Windows Updates including critical and important security updates/patches on the Second Tuesday of each month – dubbed “PATCH TUESDAY”….
The exception as example, would be an emergency security patch issued to foil malicious takeovers – patching/fixing any flaw in Windows found / discovered, ongoing. This (these) are issued immediately after safe pre-testing as an emergency security patch/fix and are called “OUT – OF – CYCLE” patch .

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