Desktop/Laptop Cloud Computing – new “super antivirus” for the New Decade

Desktop/Laptop Cloud Computing – new “super antivirus” for the New Decade

The newer cloud computing antimalware softwares have arrived which may replace all known traditional antivirus, and generally combined with antispyware (as a suite or combo package) , as we know it – towards the middle or even end of the decade. They are here and are being used. Originally I viewed Cloud Computing as just a complete re-write of IT Security with a new guy on the block stealing business and aimed at simplification for “computer and security dummies” – whether average desktop users or actual business owners with a network of machines. It was appearing that all features for all settings in antivirus and antispyware were being hid from the user – apparently assuming a too vast amount of them were messing up navigation by using extreme hard settings not anticipating the extra time – or not using enough secure settings as circumventing their security available just for convenience beyond annoyance.

For veteran users, it presents the problem of “hands on” with the products. Features become unaccessible that are traditional. It is becoming hard to find a quality product without this newer overhaul. It becomes harder to simply give a defense product blind faith to protect the computer system and files without mistakes. They always declare “as is” and “no one is perfect”. But the upside is that they are the newer “super antimalware” with a decade of experience in the top companies. They add protection that did not exist years ago, or may have been found by adding layers of protection with add ons – but now in the one package by trusted proven companies.

Naturally this invited the dreaded “learning curve” in all areas…. cloud computing – what is it and how will it effect me ? I found the easiest way to understand this is by looking at one of the products. Take a look at a quality product of the well known and rated Trend Micro …..

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security revolutionises Internet Security. Proven Cloud-based technology automatically stops Viruses & Spyware before they …

This will really help in an orientation with the new trend toward cloud computing defense products by many major companies in the security software industry (antivirus, antispyware). Read and browse over the newer features and how they are integrated into protection. This should help in new decisions down the road or right now as an upgrade. You should easily understand they are indeed the new super antimalware products now available. Note that Webroot acquired Prevx as their move towards cloud computing for the average user.

Hope this helps !

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