Bad Opinion) Windows Vista for Better [than Linux] Security? I Don’t Think So

Bad Opinion) Windows Vista for Better [than Linux] Security? I Don’t Think So.
The National Security Agency (NSA) recently published a report, “Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure” (PDF) in which it makes numerous recommendations designed to help home computer users avoid malware and other common problems……
Perhaps and probably Linux is safer than Windows XP would have been a better truthful article here. Linux has been listed at least once as one of the most vurnable systems, and that not by opinion.
The simplest cut to the chase as showing this article as uninformed and not correct are the two following information links. These deal with malware called rootkits which, if infected on Windows, is one of only a couple reasons for ever re-installing Windows – wiping the disk. In fact, a rootkit infection is the only time Microsoft ever offered reinstalling Windows after wiping the disk as only solution aside from Windows 7 users loosing their administrator password.
So the message is that rootkits can run on Linux and can NOT run on Vista (safer)…
What You Need to Know About Linux Rootkits Rootkits are a way attackers hide their tracks and keep access to the machines they control. The good rootkits are very hard to detect and remove. They can be running on ones computer and no one can even know they have been running. Read more to learn how to detect them on your system.
3/25/2011 2:49 PM
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Linux under attack: Compromised SSH keys lead to rootkit
Aug 26, 2008 ….. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has issued a warning for what it calls “active attacks” against Linux-based computing infrastructures using compromised SSH keys. The attack appears to initially use stolen SSH keys to gain access to a system, and then uses local kernel exploits to gain root access……
ROOTKITS UNABLE TO RUN ON VISTA… – Vista’s UAC spots rootkits, tests find
Our Government (USA) made a correct decision.
Another point in real world to consider, however, is how many “zero days” has a system had. There has been a handful over ten years in Windows. Linux has had a few…
Red Gecko: New Linux Zero-Day Flaw
Jul 20, 2009 … New Linux Zero-Day Flaw. For all you Linux users who thumb your noses at Microsoft’s history of vulnerability and large attack surface, …
US-CERT Current Activity – Linux Root Access Vulnerabilities
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