What happened to BlueCollarPC.US (state of renewal)

What happened to BlueCollarPC.US (state of renewal)……

Our Main Domain BlueCollarPC.US is currently down at Mid-June into July, as there was a major mess up with the domain renewal which is now underway and our Website should be up and running normally well before the end of July 2011. Sorry for any inconvenience as it was beyond our control. 

BlueCollarPC Security Helper

Our toolbar Members are already accessing our back up page simply by clicking the homepages icon “bluecollarpc”. We indeed had bookmarked at our www.BlueCollarPC.US main website the back up site in events like this of any temporary downtime.

We do recommend installing our free toolbar from Conduit.com – safe and secure – to keep security at your fingertips. Toolbars can be hidden or disabled and re-enabled and showing anytime with a simple click so that browser room is not an issue which several toolbars installed can take up a quarter or even third of your viewing area in the browser window.

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For the record….. I began the “BlueCollarPC” namesake in 2005 at the original .Net website. I believe at that time, the .Com website was actually a PC Repair Shop which I was not connected with. Towards the end of 2009, the BlueCollarPC.Net created by me had enjoyed just over 6 Million Vistors/Users and upon ended it is now being sold at over 5,000 USD Dollars ! It was averaging about 3,000 Visitors monthly which is about the amount of traffic at a very successful online Small Business.

For the several reasons of it was only a Personal Website (Free Community Help) and exceptionally high traffic as well as being cyber attacked including a “defaced” website attack and man in the middle cyber extrotion plot to gain ownership – I decided to close the .Net domain and our back up .Org domain of it. Transitioning into 2010, the now BlueCollarPC.US was created by me as owner and any and all of the robotic botnet type traffic was disengaged ending undesirable traffic and some of which is sometimes called “scumware”.
Being then attacked by a couple of botnets only semi-successful, I was able to get a real live look inside the entire guts of the bot payload attacking back in the .Net days of BlueCollarPC. The College Of HardKnocks has issued many Diplomas as many times Expereince is the Best Teacher. It was an invaluable first hand study of the which graduating me from Advanced User on Windows into today, Amatuer Forensics and quite by force. Perhaps of all the free Community Help on the world web for Malware Removal – I think the BlueCollarPC (now .US) is the only help destination that has diagnosed actual Plasma Server infection attempt by a kind of text virus discovered in a gif image. Remarkable ! We are proud and have always discredited “Unscrupulous PC Repair Guy” syndrome and for good reasons.
We(the BlueCollarPC formerly .Net/.Org now .US) have and always will promote PC Health and Computing Safety by maintaining a clean machine at optimum performance – and very easily by and for the average Windows User.

THOSE were the “XP Years” and so many millions of Windows users were introduced to the new spyware threats beyond the traditional viruses as they evolved. The XP Years were such a hands-on time with Computing Security for virtually every user and the birth of the industry and help community. We the BlueCollarPC (.Net and .Org 2005-2009) – now at www.BlueCollarPC.US for the New Decade – are proud to have been a part of it and indeed actually had “discovery” in the security industry concerning the malware RASautodial registry entries discovered by Yours Truly. Never be afraid to ‘take a look under the hood’ of your PC ! You never know what you’ll find.

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