What is Active X ? Active X Revisited

What is Active X – Revisited

One of the greatest misconceptions about Active X is that many novice computer operators (newbies) think it is malware. That’s a shame because it is and was a wonderful invention for the Windows Operating System and is registered and copyrighted and trademarked with a history – that whole nine yards….

HISTORY OF “OWNERSHIP”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActiveX
SEE (Information)

What it does is acts like a strong man in the operation, navigation, and on websites to deliver content – and when. There is like frames as well and much else in websites as example, and all in the blink of an eye unless on dial up which you can see loading and displaying many times. When you Go To some website and it is loading in the browser to display – as it is displaying all parts of the webpage instantly almost – there are various parts of like sidebar items, if you will, and that is kind of what is delivered by an Active X employed as to streamline the load and display of a webpage – like text first, graphics next, and extras later. All in the blink of an eye. Active X, unlike a Java Script like a familiar drop down menu that may be on a webpage, will deliver some sidebar type content on the page and structured to do so. Generally this is on commercial paid-for website design pages. Generally you will never see any Active X employed on a Personal Website.

Now, where the rumours and fears and alarms go – these are based on real events and that is malware trojans and malware toolbars that virtually all MISUSE an Active X or even reverse engineered (pirated, decompiled, unlawful re-coded/programmed), customised.

I like to brag a little being in Windows Computer Security and webmaster of the BlueCollarPC originally at .net now at .US and since 2005 because there are so many deviants from profession sloughing the public for big bucks and especially like Forums hosing for a buck at donate forums and may include links to Forum Administrator and Forum Moderator owned PC Repair Shops that have no clue to Active X that there are actually FIVE DIFFERENT Active X applications – and worse – virtually all in IT Security don’t even know that.

You wonder why data breaches of all our citizen’s private records are happening in the millions upon millions ? That’s why. Too many persons in Computer
Security are full of it. I have been to many Donate Forums in malware removal in their “boot camps” (Train to be one of their official privileged designated forum helpers) and would not dare put my hand, name, or internet reputation to theirs as finding out what they employ as “malware removal help” to Users computers. So, again, I am not talking through my hat making stuff up. I would guesstimate at least 85 percent of all malware help available on the web can not pass “Compliance” in IT Security though many say they do and are “Microsoft MVPs” ! BUYER BEWARE ! This is only ONE thing they have no clue to. Why important ? Because of the vast hundreds of thousands of spyware packages that misuse Active X in many ways including the even transparent displayed ‘Downloaded Program Files’ (C\Windows/Downloaded Program Files) Active X items. I know my XP and Vista machines like the back of my hand ! Do they ? Obviously not !

You can take this to the bank and who told you…..

There are actually FIVE, count them five, Active X items ….

1) Active X
2) Active X Object
3) Active X Helper Object
4) Active X Control 
5) Active X Control Object

Inevitably, they enter a registry key in the Windows Registry HERE :

Now in Internet Explorer settings, you can set the browser to ask Permission for each time any Active X item on a webpage is detected – clicking OK allows the Active X item to control and deliver the designated content. This is a good way to become familiar and actually see how many normal websites you visit employ Active X in their website designs. Probably just over half or more do – commercial sites like News, Media, shopping sites, etc.

The free Mozilla Firefox was the rave by UNINFORMED people who claimed it was safer than Internet Explorer and was based on the notion that Firefox does not allow any Active X to run on any site visited. The ensuing cross-infections and Java exploits as password stealing viruses through Firefox for one put a stop to their wildfire spreading of dis-information of computing security. They costed enough people a pretty penney no doubt in ID Theft type activites by cyber crime. Internet Explorer is still the safest browser in the world and has been far ahead in security technologies as anti-phisher, Protected Mode, various secure site additions and so on (list extensive).

Promoting TRUE Computing Security knowledge and practices has always been the history of our BlueCollarPC websites – the original .Net and alternate .Org and finally currently to www.BlueCollarPC.US for the new decade. (The other two were left expire – I no longer own them since about 2009) . I do intimate I have been offered three different prestigious Posistions since 2005, but alas am a 100 percent disabled individual donating what time I can when able to and had to unfortunately decline as health does not permit.


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