How To Delete Java Temporary Files – Avoid Java Malware Exploits

As well in security it is also recommended to go to Start > Control Panel > Java and open the Java panel and click “Do Not Store Temporary Files On This Computer”  ….

….Malware as well has used Java to infect computers (AND FIREFOX ! ) and can hide in these temporary files in the system. This will not affect navigation at all. These are like Temporary Internet Files and are stored for re-visit to a website to load it just a tad faster as the Temporary Internet Files are used for and stored for those reasons. These are junk/trash files completely safe to delete. (In other words when going to a website – any images and pictures and some text items are stored on the computer as well as the cookies files. When re-visiting that same website – these are uploaded from the computer rather than re-downloading then over the internet each time which makes the loading of the website page a tad faster. In real world – it is like nano seconds of no real noticeable speed to the naked eye. )

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