Where to find Microsoft “Fix It” for Internet Explorer 8 zero day fix

Where to find Microsoft “Fix It” for Internet Explorer 8 zero day fix ….


As has been lighting up the world web about another rare Internet Explorer “zero day” hole http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/Z/Zero_Day_exploit.html ….

this one for INTERNET EXPLORER VERSION 8 we have just posted a news link here… http://bluecollarpc.us/2013/05/06/internet-explorer-8-zero-daymicrosoft-security-advisory-2847140/


Here is another PRESS item….

Microsoft Issues Temporary Fix For Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Flaw – CRN.com


A successful attack enables a cybercriminal to infect a victim’s machine with additional malware and, if it is not detected, the malware could be used to steal account credentials, documents and other data. “The vulnerability may corrupt memory in a …



IF NOT FAMILIAR WITH MICROSOFT “FIX IT” — it is free from Microsoft at their sites for odd ball off the norm type little bugs and so on that are fixed with a simple click of “FIX IT” for the exact item only. For instance, one not too long ago was for the Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets whereby it was possible to infect that system with a third party gadget rigged with malware execution. The Fix It button inserted a basic kind of killbit to stop it from running altogether, thus preventing infection, but was more aimed at corporate/business computers for insured safety. So the Microsoft Fix It is basically a simle short snippet code for the programming to apply a bug fix or patch etc etc etc.






TITLE: Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 could allow remote code execution: May 8, 2013

WEBSITE: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2847140#FixItForMe


The several Press releases never included the website link for it ! ! !


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