Please click our new Thank You Buttons

Please click our new Thank You Buttons!

We have just added our new Thank You Buttons that appear on all blog posts and webpages. If you have found that any of our informative blog posts have been helpful , please click the Thank You Button! As well, on our individual webpages here at our website – Help Center, Threats FAQs, Forensics, PC Help, Wireless, About etc – if you have found information here has been helpful please click the Thank You Button at the bottom of the webpage!

The Thank You Button is a simple counter that increase one number each time clicked. There is NOTHING recorded like IP Numbers – nothing identifiable about the User at all – just a simple counter button.

The BlueCollarPC has been a free Community Help Website since 2005. We have never solicited Donations or charged anything at all. All is personally learned information and all other sources as freely shared help information over the Net.

Again, We thank you for choosing us as an additonal PC Security destination!

Webmaster, free Malware Removal Help since 2005 (former Webmaster of the BlueCollarPC.Net)

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