We added some new Counters (Visitors Hits etc)

We added some new Counters (Visitors Hits etc)….

Hello all, we have added several Counters again to our site so our Users and Visitors can take a glance at fellow traffic. As mentioned, I was the former webmaster of our original site – BlueCollarPC.Net – since 2005 / closed 2010. The original site had just passed the 6 million Visitors/Users mark before closing. This was added to our main Hits Counter (Visitors / Users) and can be found all the way at the bottom of the homepage on the left. To see our BlueCollarPC.US hits by Visitors and Users, just subtract 6 million.

The gizmo thingamagib towards the top of the homepage on the left shows a kind of static simple count of Today/Yeseterday hits and some more info. This can help show perhaps if there is a spike during times of unique worldwide event type malware outbreak such as the Conficker Worm botmnet not very long ago that even hit TV News stations.

Of course these are simple basic counters with NO identifiable information recorded or tracked of any of our Users and Visitors, naturally. Note that some counters will display IP Numbers of visitors and so on and we do NOT use any of these of course with the amount of cyber crime anymore and those were from a more innocent age years and years ago. The IP Number of a computer (kind of like a Caller ID number) actually have the parts of the number showing country location and is why they would be displayed in ages old times. Just another interesting ditty of viewing Visitor info.

Today, hackers use pinging of IP Numbers to attempt to learn about a PC and perhaps break into one. In emails, the sender IP Number is always included so watch who you send email to! Basically, if you have truly quality paid antimalware installed on your computer – you are good to go.

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