Options: How To Reset, Refresh, Reinstall Windows 8

Options: How To Reset, Refresh, Reinstall Windows 8 – Also Recovery Drive, System Repair Disk ….

I recommend going to the first link below here at Microsoft to get a little oriented into the several easy new options with Windows 8 as Refresh or Reset. These do not involve reinstalling Windows like traditionally from a Emergency Rescue Repair CD/DVD but may serve the same purpose. Of course with any suspected or actual malware infestation and infection go ahead with the old familiar re-install Windows as safest. You will absolutely want to create easily your Emergency Repair Disk and now also on Windows 8 you can use a USB Drive (sometimes called a thumb drive, like a USB Media Stick but must be USB Drive – same price).  

How to restore, refresh, or reset your PC
Applies to Windows 8, Windows RT
If you’re having problems with your PC, you can try to restore, refresh, or reset it. Restoring your PC is a way to undo recent system changes you’ve made. Refreshing your PC reinstalls Windows and keeps your personal files, settings, and the apps that came with your PC and apps that you installed from Windows Store. Resetting your PC reinstalls Windows but deletes your files, settings, and apps—except for the apps that came with your PC.
Create a USB recovery drive
How to Create and Use a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc in Windows 8
Windows 8 allows you to create a recovery drive (USB) or system repair disc (CD or DVD) that can be used to troubleshoot and restore your computer. Each type of recovery media gives you access to Windows’ advanced startup options. …
Everything You Need to Know About Refreshing and Resetting Your Windows 8 PC
Windows users regularly reinstall Windows (or restore from a recovery partition) to fix system problems. Windows 8 includes easier-to-use “Refresh” and “Reset” options that quickly restore Windows to a fresh, factory default configuration….
How to Use Refresh and Reset in Windows 8 to Easily Reinstall Your PC
Sick of formatting? Then learn how to breathe new life into your machines without formatting using the new Refresh and Reset features present in Windows 8. ….
How to Create a Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8
We have already shown you how to use the Refresh and Reset features in Windows 8, now we are back to show you how you can create a custom refresh image. This means next time you refresh your Windows 8 PC, you can use a custom image instead of the one that shipped with your PC. ….
How to Refresh or Reset Your Windows 8 PC Without the DVD
We have already shown you how you can use the new refresh and reset features in Windows 8 instead of formatting your PC, the problem is that you are required to insert your Windows DVD every time you want to use the features. Here’s how to do it without the DVD. ….
 YOU MAY WANT TO ADD….How to Make the F8 Key Work for Safe Mode in Windows 8
Booting into safe mode became non-trivial in Windows 8, especially if you were accustomed to the old F8 shortcut. Here is how to get F8 working again.
Note: we aren’t necessary recommending that everybody make this change – we are just showing that it is still an option. You can alternatively use some of the new Windows 8 features to fix your computer instead. ….ADDITONAL INFORMATIONHow To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer
Among the many changes coming with Windows 8 and new computers designed for it is a change in the way we access our computers’ BIOS. No longer do we press a certain key during the boot process to reveal the BIOS – instead, an option to access the BIOS is located in Windows 8’s boot options menu. Traditionally, computers displayed a message like Press F2 to enter setup ….
UEFI vs. BIOs in Windows 8 for desktop startup
Because the Windows 8 implementation of UEFI includes Secure Boot, an operating system such as Linux must be digitally signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA). In order for any Windows 8-certified machine to dual-boot into Linux, IT must ensure …
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