Using Microsoft Silverlight, Malware exploits are here – Netflix

Using Microsoft Silverlight, Malware exploits are here – Netflix 

It may be time to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight ? Read….

Angler exploit kit starts wielding Silverlight exploits
Posted on May 20, 2014 04:39 pm
“Silverlight exploits are the drive-by flavor of the month,” claim Cisco researchers. “Exploit Kit owners are adding Silverlight to their update releases, and since April 23rd we have observed substan…

Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Oracle Java have long been preferred targets of exploit kit developers, but as those two firms have been increasingly improving their patching efforts, the malware developers have realized that Silverlight users make also make good potential targets.

Silverlight, the framework for writing and running rich Internet applications that Microsoft created as an alternative to Adobe’s Flash, has not, so far, surpassed the latter when it comes to user numbers. Still, it has been used to provide video streaming for many high profile events and is currently used by popular video streaming service Netflix……

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NOTE you can uninstall Microsoft Silverlight (add on like flash) at Control Panel > Programs and Features – or for Firefox check your Add-Ons to see if installed. Silverlight is not a necessary program, adds view features for some sites using it. About a year or so ago it was in the news that Microsoft may discontinue Silverlight.

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