Adobe Flash Player: How to Download and Install Fix for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Adobe Flash Player: How to Download and Install Fix for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

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Adobe Flash Player: How to Download and Install Fix for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
International Business Times AU
Adobe recently released critical patches for the Flash Player, which fixes six essential problems in the software on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android …


“Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT users will get the updates for the Flash Player installed in their Modern UI Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and 11 via Microsoft Windows Update.”

Windows Users: Adobe Flash Player Update
Mac OS X Users: Adobe Flash Player Update
Linux Users: Adobe Flash Player Update
Android Users: Adobe AIR Update

Go To Control Panel and click or double click Adobe Flash icon. The current installed version appears there. If not up to date with released versions, run Windows Updates for the patch/fix/update and apply (install).


As well, you should have all your media players up to date with any updates issued. A flash video is much smaller than some other formats such as .WMV (Windows Movie Video) and .MPG and .MPEG etc. Windows Media Player does not play flash movies – flash movie format very common as what is uploaded and played at You Tube for example. The player at You Tube is an embedded player at the website, like other websites that have the player embedded right in their website to play content for visitors. VLC Media Player (freeware) is a popular flash movie player, for example, that is a software you can download and install on your PC to play movies you have on your computer. You Tube movies can be downloaded via the free browser Mozilla Firefox by adding a plug in you can get in the browers plug in section (zillions of them for all kinds of stuff including You Tube downloaders).

To avoid any malware infection from a rigged video in an embedded or installed player – it is imperative to install any updates issued from Adobe or your media player. There is even the possibility of a network attack scenario through an embedded player at a website via a rigged video etc. In fact, I did a quick amatuer forensics on just this that happened to a family member’s PC – wiped out in this manner, and Windows had to be reinstalled because of the damages by the malware payload. You can take a look at that here…… (my blog post) ….

Forensics: “Unknown Flash Movie Virus”
May 7, 2013 — bluecollarpc
Forensics: “Unknown Flash Movie Virus”
By bluecollarpc – Last updated: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Instead of constantly checking for updates on media players you have installed and one by one and so on, we strongly recommend installing the free utility software from well known Secunia – Secunia PSI – which automatically searches for any released updates for softwares installed on your computer. This has been already downloaded and used by millions. You can configure it to run at all times automatic (doesn’t bog down PC) or run it manually like once a week or so. At the end of scan it will present any updates available, applied with a click. Note it will not apply any UPGRADES that may be the next version of a purchased software that may not be free and would cost. UPDATES are free from the software creator as security updates mainly, but may include like a bug fix etc. UPGRADES usually means a whole new version of a software created with a complete makeover as well generally. ……

Report: Softwares responsible for 76% of vulnerabilities – install Secunia PSI
February 28, 2014 — bluecollarpc


Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
(Download at website)
The Secunia PSI explained
The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks. Simply put, it scans software on your system and identifies programs in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals. It then supplies your computer with the necessary software security updates to keep it safe. The Secunia PSI even automates the updates for your insecure programs, making it a lot easier for you to maintain a secure PC. Using a scanner like Secunia PSI 3.0 is complementary to antivirus software, and as a free computer security program, is essential for every home computer.

(From Secunia) :
PSI 3.0 Walkthrough

Tim and Dave
Short animated story about security and why Tim is happier than Dave.

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