Microsoft Security Essentials (free antimalware program from Microsoft) Testings

Microsoft Security Essentials Struggles in New Antivirus Tests
In Q1 2011 Security Essentials 2.0 (MSE) performed well at the least demanding test,
that of spotting malware drawn from the industry-agreed Wildlist selection, scoring 100 percent. It also put in a good performance …

“….In Q1 2011 Security Essentials 2.0 (MSE) performed well at the least demanding test, that of spotting malware drawn from the industry-agreed Wildlist selection, scoring 100 percent. It also put in a good performance against a large group of recent malware samples selected by AV-Test itself, with a creditable score of 97 percent detection.
However, the product’s performance deteriorated sharply when pitted against 107 recent zero-day malware web and email malware attacks, described by AV-Test as ‘real-world’ testing’, spotting only half. The product’s performance in ‘dynamic detection testing’ – noticing malware on or post-execution – was also modest at only 45 percent. …..”
[NOTES….. I promote Microsoft Essentials as a quality product in the free stuff line. That is because they have won the VB100 Award (perfect scores all) and are West Coast Labs Certified. When considering non-quality products that have not achieved any certifications or these independent world lab awards (totally respected worldwide) – then you realize their detection rate is generally down around 55 to 85 percent detections. Anything a good deal above a 90 percent detection rate is considered a quality product and has achieved certifications either presently or in past days and ongoing – which certifications and awards are actually 100 percent scores. The idea goes, once a product has achieved these awards – they will continue in the excellence of the product ongoing – with that goal for the next sheduled or unsheduled test on them.
From the security stand point either from industry or community, the hardest thing is to get many users to even install and then use antivirus and antispyware programs. Those demanding state of the art protection know too well that 99 percent detection is just not cutting it. So on the one hand, Microsoft Essentials need continually be “promoted” as many users will refuse to pay for a product and others may try an antimalware program for the first time if it is free. Microsoft Essentials (formerly Windows OneCare shareware) has proven its colors twice, in the least, with perfect scores at VB100 and West Coast Labs. There is NO way to call it a crap program all of a sudden.
I believe this article reflects that it is Recession Times and there may have been some cutbacks temporarily (and since it is a free program) or in the over all picture that Microsoft is dragging heels here. The bottom line is you get what you pay for and that reflects on any irresponsible computer operator (user). I have never fathomed why someone will spend up to 2 or 3 thousand dollars on a desktop or laptop and then suddenly totally reject a simple 40 to 50 dollars a year to protect it. If “working” as a free helper in tech-help or malware removal help type forums and groups – you see that all too often.
The reason for my comments are that many, many – too many – users are not aware of the cyber criminal underground sharks out there that are going to talk many newbies into dumping Microsoft Essentials or any other quality free program such as Comodo (which has indeed just won the prestigious VB100 Award and is free) with some bullcrap line as “it is a piece of crap taking up valuable resources – I would dump it”. You also see that too many times in the community help areas. Nightmarish ! They actually go for it ! ….sheesh.


Lavasoft Ad-Aware back in the News

Lavasoft Ad-Aware back in the News….

Lavasoft Ad-Aware was one of the pioneers in antispyware defense program software applications. I remember it well and was one of the ‘first loves’ way back in the beginning of the Windows XP years. Originally it was obviously among the top defenders. Graciously they offered a free home version to the public along with gaining more defenses by purchasing the full version. Along the way, the industry leaders kind of left it in the dust – among some Trend Micro Antispyware,  Spysweeper, CounterSpy, to name the few. Surprisingly, they are back in the news but I rely on independent labs results rather than ‘newbie hype’ or perhaps tainted news editors departments ‘test results’. ….for what it is worth…

ARTICLE: Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Awarded PC Magazine Editors’ Choice

Zawya (press release)

Respected PC Magazine lead security analyst Neil Rubenking, who recently reviewed both versions of Ad-Aware said, “This latest Ad-Aware remains very effective at keeping malware out of a clean system and adds new technology that improves its ability to …

___Next they will have to catch up to “Cloud Computing” products as industry leaders Trend Micro and Webroot have innovated…. I have a short blog blast here on that subject…

Desktop/Laptop Cloud Computing – new “super antivirus” for the New Decade

March 8, 2011 — bluecollarpc


Title: The Spyware Warrior List of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites

Description: Bad, False, Fake products


LavaSoft — The Rogue Gallery

The Rogue Gallery, powered by the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, is a resource dedicated to keeping computer users safe from rogue security software. By providing a comprehensive database of current rogue security applications, you have the ability to clearly see what programs are considered rogue – and avoid them.

Partial list of rogue security software

Scareware / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rogue security software / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For reference I am webmaster http://BlueCollarPC.US/  (Windows – Community Help malware removal/info)

Since 2005

What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?

What is “Patch Tuesday” for Windows ?


Fw: New announcement: Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available
From: “BlueCollarPC Computer Security Pub”
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 10:46 PM
To: <—– members– Calender Event Notification
Subject: New announcement: Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available

Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” – Windows Updates Available…

Mid-decade, 2000-2010, Microsoft changed the delivery of Windows Updates – at the time released as produced. Also with industrial level (corporate IT, etc.), it was a better bundled one day aside for Updates/Upgrades/Patch-Fix. IT Levels needed time for previews for compatibility issues etc. as well.

Now, Microsoft issues Windows Updates including critical and important security updates/patches on the Second Tuesday of each month – dubbed “PATCH TUESDAY”….
The exception as example, would be an emergency security patch issued to foil malicious takeovers – patching/fixing any flaw in Windows found / discovered, ongoing. This (these) are issued immediately after safe pre-testing as an emergency security patch/fix and are called “OUT – OF – CYCLE” patch .

Differences – sharware, freeware, donate Security products

Differences – sharware, freeware, donate Security products

We are at such a late date in malware today – but a new decade in the Security horizon. In the years I have been a Helper in the community I have found generally the greatest threat is actually someone not aware of the dangers. Of course I finally got rid of my almost humiliating “newbie” tag days and then the computer jargon of it all comes into play – learnong how to even pose an intelligent question. Like learning finally there are viruses and worms – but these are not adware and spyware which are different and antivirus products do not get rid of them and is why they created antispyware products. And then the “Orson Wells” of it all – is it all “snake oil” (worthless products) or the industry itself infects and “milk money” (mafia protection fee) is collected through anti this and anti that.

Unfortunately all malware is exactly as described in any publication you will find – meaning the horror of computer damage or the horror of cyber criime as far as IDTheft and the like areas there as corporate extortion and so on. What to do ?

Just becoming aware of threats has won the ballgame, believe me.  In discovering the dangers of malware – virus and worm can destroy, adware and spyware can spy copy and broadcast data, trojans and rootkits can control – in the simple act of becoming aware of threats to computers and personal data today has put you on the road to Computing Safety. This is because the next logical step one takes is to find out how to get protected if possible. This next step is to today’s security solution products – security softwares antivirus, antispyware, and a personal firewall for each computer.

Now, you soon find out about “Real Time Protection” which is as heuristics or intrusion protection or any tag name for these universal technologies protecting everything 24/7. Everywhere you browse, all email attachments and emails themselves (embedded threat as a jpeg photo virus) , downloading and opening softwares and files and documents etc – all is monitored for infection ready to execute to either mess up your computer or financial life.

If you just caught up with that – you have found out the free home versions traditionally have no Real Time Protection activated which is after purchase, though there have been a couple high quality products offered free to the Community such as former award winning (West Coast Labs Certification, VB100 award) Microsoft Windows One Care antivirus which is now free to the community from them and renamed “Microsoft Essentials”. Of course there has been popular and very effective Windows Defender which began as Microsoft Antispyware and is not part of Windows in Vista and after (can use or not). Windows Defender is one of two antispyware programs in all the world I know of that indeed has Real Time Protection as pay products do. The other of course is popular Spyware Terminator with enterprise Clam antivirus which apparently removed offenses from the old Crawler toolbar listed as malware and now is clear of the red flagging in the industry. Sometimes they call that a “rebranded” toolbar. Many times crimeware is changed a little, repackaged, and reused to infect to get past detection which has been laughable to the security industry.

So bottom line and closing message is the point of this post – the difference in realizing you were not protected if you used a free or donate home version product that does not have Real Time Protecion activated traditionally in shareware (purchased) products. The free home versions offered by many top companies are called stand alone scanners and are “reactive” protection – scanning for and removing after infections. The real time products are called the proactive security solution.

(originally at our aol answer blog)

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New Amatuer Forensics Build in Progress – “Nimrod Botnet”

New Amatuer Forensics Build in Progress – “Nimrod Botnet”

This is the preliminary notes of the build with an important Estimate.


Amatuer Forensics Build – Nimrod Botnet

History: Is Grisoft AVG Free Reverse Engineered by Botnets? By bluecollarpc\ red-by-botnets/

(((Forensics Build – Nimrod Botnet))) Date: July 30 2009



Title: “Nimrod Botnet” (Nimrod was a hunter)

Infection Date:

a-squared Anti-Malware – Version 4.0 Last update: 4/13/2009 9:45:09 AM

Entry Threat: Win32.Outbreak!IK

(Adding report on trojan found in Windows Error Reporting)

ESTIMATE: Virtualization Comprimise


NON SAMPLE…. US labs virtualise 1m Linux kernels (anti-botnet research) ZDNet UK Wed, 29 Jul 2009 08:37 AM PDT Sandia National Labs have simultaneously run more than a million Linux kernels on a single cluster, an accomplishment that could prove useful for anti-botnet research….,1000000121,39698952,00.htm

 TARGET: Windows Server 2008  

Windows Server 2008 is the most recent release of Microsoft Windows’ server line of operating systems. Released to manufacturing on February 4, 2008 and officially released on February 27, 2008, it is the successor to Windows Server 2003, released nearly five years earlier. A second release, named Windows Server 2008 R2, was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009.

Like Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 is built on Windows NT 6.x. Self-healing NTFS In previous Windows versions, if the operating system detected corruption in the file system of an NTFS volume, it marked the volume “dirty”; to correct errors on the volume, it had to be taken offline.

With self-healing NTFS, an NTFS worker thread is spawned in the background which performs a localized fix-up of damaged data structures, with only the corrupted files/folders remaining unavailable without locking out the entire volume and needing the server to be taken down. The operating system now features S.M.A.R.T. detection techniques to help determine when a hard disk may fail. This feature was first presented within Windows Vista.[10]

Best guess….. with Disk Defragger and Disk Check inoperative (begins and moment later progress vanishes – reboot unable to run), and with System Restore corupted – this seemed the target is to hide a dirty disk.

Apparently trial runs on personal Vista PCs (Ho Prem) through the “reverse engineering” of the anitvirus product broken into. Why would they do that…. to install counterfiet components of Unix-Like for example to even run dual server communication undetected.

In other words Windows Server 2008 and Self-healing NTFS are “cracked” and thus the Windows Server 2008 R2 was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009.

Recommendation – upgrade.


Additional sources…  

Webmaster BlueCollarPC.Org http://www.BlueCollarPC.Org

and now I know my Vista like the back of my hand.

AmatuerForensics-Mobile: USB stick MP3 Player (apparent cross infection)

AmatuerForensics-Mobile: USB stick MP3 Player (apparent cross infection – PC /Mobile PC)……

NOTE this threat installation had tell tale signs of perhaps even the first
Windows Mobile mobile botnet. It was successfully blocked from establishing connection and detected before ever causing any damages and safely removed.

Mobile Threat: FlashMates_(v1[1].0.4)_Setup.exe / which is identified as
Email-Worm.Win32.Apbost!IK [Ikarus antivirus = IK]

PDA Mobile Cafe’s Blog
Mobile PC and everything wireless – cell, pda, laptop

USB stick MP3 Player labled Nextar (apparent cross infection – PC / Mobile PC) July 24, 2009 by pdamobilecafe 
A USB stick MP3 Player labled Nextar (apparent cross infection – PC / Mobile PC)

Funny thing happened when plugging in (to desktop pc) a USB stick MP3 Player labled Nextar (cross infection) from a friend. Read on.

Possibly a black market relabled fake and there are apparent even criminal
“clone” or “phisher” or “pharmer” sites around Suddenly, an apparent “cross infection” ocuured in the Pocket PC Windows Mobile – a mass emailing worm ! Isn’t that fun (sarcasm).

eMusic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia eMusic is an online music store that operates by subscription. It is headquartered in New York City and owned by Dimensional Associates, LLC. …

Press Releases – Mi5 Networks Secure Web Gateway Feb 2, 2009 … Detailed reports enable eMusic to quickly identify infected machines on the network, understand the specific types of malware involved and … 

Apparent Open Source Project: eMusic/J 0.25

Uh Oh…….

Name: Adware.Win32.eMusic Toolbar


FILES Detected…. (apparently instantly – inserting USB MP3 Player)

DESKTOP: (windows xp home)



#Trys to connect to “malicious host” / apparent back door threat ? Blocked. USB Stick removed. Still attempts to connect after PC restarted or using media player(s). Seems a registry hook possible ? Scanned, not found. Looking manually.


Stick in and out (on desktop). The continuing attempt to re-connect to
“” indicates either a registry hook of some sort or worst is a rootkit as not visual in the registry. See the Sony Rootkit nightmare.

#SCANNED – FOUND: MOBILE PC (Windows CE 3.0 / Pocket PC 2002)

Installs apparent mass emailing worm as possible part of “cross infection”:

#FlashMates_(v1[1].0.4)_Setup.exe / which is identified as
Email-Worm.Win32.Apbost!IK [Ikarus antivirus = IK]

SEE Analyzing the Crossover Virus: The First PC to Windows Handheld

NOTES: Adding more if found

The Exercise ? Watch out you didn’t get the real product




a-squared Anti-Malware v.
(C) 2003-2009 Emsi Software GmbH –

ID Object
0 C:\Program Files\Uniblue\System Tweaker\System Tweaker.exe
1 C:\Documents and

NOTES: The “Email-Worm.Win32.Apbost!IK” is the worm and file name is
(location “POCKETPC-DOXX” caught in dummy folder. It takes two to play games. IK is symbol for Ikarus antivirus)

New start up after quarantine and emusic connect attempt blocked again
(antimalware program). A registry hook (originally suspected as cause) generally is involved with one entity (unless multiple), here media players, that is easily detected and deleted. This did show files in two media players (with premium features) and now has jumped to Windows Media Player – which symptomology is as a self replicating worm does, but apparently here – as indeed a rootkit does – is as like a matrix that continually can give various commands (more powerful than a trojan and can continually install more software) and is best best guess of the symptoms experienced. The activity shows the “matrix” (several) commands severally or mutiple times after deletions which is almost as the self replicating worm does when deleted and is reinstalled elsewhere but finally gets deleted by antivirus. This indicates the rootkit activity as quite posible and the infection.


Visit: PDA Mobile Cafe Homepage
Mobile Portal:

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PDA Antivirus solutions available – shop!
By pdamobilecafe
Security Software: PDA Antivirus solutions available….. shop !

Try a trialware of the products where available. The Mobile Computer is now NO different then the Desktop – all the same threats are now out here. Symbian gets slammed.


Security Software: PDA Antivirus solutions available….. shop !

Try a trialware of the products where available. The Mobile Computer is now NO different then the Desktop – all the same threats are now out here. Symbian gets slammed.


Air AntiVirus (Free/Private Use, and Company/Corporate License) (Also sells PDA Firewall ! )
Online Updates through Active Sync ! From the company that wrote the
best-selling technical book Maximum Wireless Security comes a professional strength virus scanner for the Pocket PC.

BullGuard Mobile for PPC
Protect yourself against malware when online with your PPC.

ExoVirusStop 1.0.4
Protect your Symbian series 60 phone against viruses and Trojans, with this
antivirus product. ExoVirusStop brings some new and innovative features, which make this software unique. The file size is small, so it won’t use up your phone’s storage space. Very fast scanning engine takes a few seconds to check your phone for viruses. Virus dictionary allows you to read useful information and details on the viruses that exist for the Symbian OS. Known viruses and their variants: Caribe, Skulls, Mosquitos, Gavno. (Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile and PocketPC 2003)
F-Secure is the forerunner in creating security applications that are optimized for wireless devices and offer reliable and automatic on-device protection. F-Secure Anti-Virus ensures complete protection for your handheld devices. F-Secure also offers security solutions for mobile operators and service providers. Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or later to install. The virus definitions of F-Secure Anti-Virus for Pocket PC can also be updated over a wireless connection, such as GSM/GPRS phone, WLAN or Bluetooth connectivity.

ESET Mobile Antivirus for Smartphones
(Eset makes the famed NOD32 Antivirus for PCs)
Mobile devices like Smartphones and PocketPCs are exploding in numbers. Malware that targets them is bound to follow. Detecting and disabling these emerging threats requires sophistication beyond signature-based antivirus. ESET’s heuristics engine is the best protection for individuals and businesses that depend on mobile communication. Fast and thorough scanning keeps your files free of malware and our SMS spam filter keeps your text message folder uncluttered.

Kaspersky Security for PDAs (Palm, PocketPC)
Today, most of us own not only PCs and laptops, but handhelds as well. They
provide convenient, portable data storage. But this convenience may come at a price. The down side is that handhelds are just as subject to virus infections and data theft as PCs and laptops. They also offer viruses entry to home and business networks alike.

SMobileSystems (FB-4 Virus Guard)
Formerly, FB-4 Virus Guard
About SMobile Systems….
SMobile is the world leader in providing comprehensive software
security solutions for all major mobile device platforms, including
BlackBerry,Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, iPhone and Android.

Avira AntiVir Mobile
Professional virus and malware defense for Pocket PCs and smartphones
Operating systems: Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile
2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (Classic
and Professional Edition) Processors: ARM or Intel x86
Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70 and N72 Panasonic X700 and X800 Samsung SGH-Z600, SGH-D720 and SGH-D730 Nokia Communicator 9300 and 9500

PC-cillin Virus Protection (Full Services- All Downloads ARM,etc.)
WebClip: ” Protect your computer and PDA from viruses at home or on the go with PC-Cillin 2003. PC-Cillin combines advanced virus detection and cleaning with an integrated firewall to safeguard your system from hackers and malicious code threats in e-mail and instant messaging and while surfing the Internet. New features such as Wi-Fi protection help secure your computer when connecting to a wireless LAN network, and Outbreak Alert gives you early warning about new viruses.”

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0 – PalmOS 3.1-up [32k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0[MIPS]Windows3.0 [612k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k,
each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0[SH3] Windows3.0[561k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k,
each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

PC-cillinVirus/ Wireless2.0[ARM] Windows3.0 [535k] (PocketPC)
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k,
each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

Symantec AntiVirusT for Handhelds – Norton
Annual subscription anti-virus protection with live Updates for PDA /Palm and PocketPC, others, versions. Works through Sync (HotSync , ActiveSync, etc.). Protects Device and also over wireless internet like WiFi 802.11. Check out Live Updates downloads wirelessly as well. Protects Beam Infrared!

Anti-virus for Symbian Series 60 – now free ( !!!
Current IT news from heise online – London,UK
Exosyphen Studios has made it’s ExoVirusStop anti-virus software for Symbian Series 60 mobiles
running variants of S60 1st and 2nd Edition free to download. …
Anti-virus for Symbian Series 60 – now free
Exosyphen Studios has made it’s ExoVirusStop anti-virus software for Symbian Series 60 mobiles running variants of S60 1st and 2nd Edition free to download –
The older S60 1st and 2nd Edition phones include those up to the Nokia N70 and N90. According to the companies blog “there are no strings attached and no catches.”… FULL STORY



PDA Mobile Cafe Members Area:
PDA Mobile Cafe AvantGo Channel (view online):
Wireless Help Links:
PDA Mobile Café
Philly-WiFi Philadelphia Wireless Club:
Yahoo! Groups Links

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Rogue Gallery Helps IDentify Scam Software

Rogue Gallery Helps IDentify Scam Software

If you’re trying to figure out whether that “MalwareDefender2009” program is a legit app or a scam, a new listing of the known scams can help. …..


LavaSoft (makers of Ad-Aware, more)
The Rogue Gallery
The Rogue Gallery, powered by the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, is a resource
dedicated to keeping computer users safe from rogue security software. By
providing a comprehensive database of current rogue security applications, you have the ability to clearly see what programs are considered rogue – and avoid them. Navigate the Rogue Gallery by displaying the latest threats or by searching for specific programs, listed in alphabetical order. Use the “Submit a Rogue” link to quickly and easily send any suspicious programs directly to Malware Labs to be analyzed.

Title: The Spyware Warrior List of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites 
Description: Bad, False, Fake products 
About This Page – Please Read:
Those who have followed the development of this page since 2004 will have noted that the list of “rogue/suspect” anti-spyware products has not been updated since May 2007. Unfortunately, other time commitments have precluded our efforts to keep that list up to date. Since the last update dozens of “new” rogue anti-spyware programs have hit the ‘Net. The vast majority of them, however, are not really new, but are simply re-branded clones and knockoffs of the same rogue applications that have been around from years. In most cases, they are being pushed through the same deceptive practices by the same parties responsible for earlier versions. See in particular these “families” of anti-spyware products, which continue to live on through shameless re-branding: 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, & 23. 
If you are looking for information on the most recent rogue anti-spyware applications, we recomend visiting these sites: Spyware & Malware Removal Guides
MalwareBytes: Newest Rogue Threats
MalwareBytes Blog
Bharath’s Security Blog
Sunbelt Blog



FBI Releases Warning about Scareware (US-CERT)

Rating the best anti-malware solutions

Here are the results of this particular test:

1.G DATA Antivirus 2010: 99.8 percent
2.Trustport Antivirus 2010: 99.8 percent
3.AVIRA AntiVir Premium 9.0: 98.9 percent
4.McAfee VirusScan Plus 2010: 98.9 percent
5.BitDefender Antivirus 2010: 98.6 percent
6.eScan AntiVirus 10.0: 98.6 percent
7.F-Secure Anti-Virus 2010: 98.6 percent
8.Symantec Norton Antivirus 2010: 98.6 percent
9.Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010: 96.7 percent
10.ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0: 96.5 percent
11.avast! Free 5.0: 96.3 percent
12.Sophos Antivirus 9.0.1: 95.4 percent
13.Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0: 94.6 percent
14.AVG Anti-Virus 9.0: 93.9 percent
15.Norman Antivirus & Anti-Spyware 7.30: 88.5 percent
16.Kingsoft AntiVirus 9 Plus: 87.1 percent

VB100 Award = Perfect scores ! (Top AntiVirus World Prize)
About the Virus Bulletin 100% award
The Virus Bulletin 100% awards recognise those products best able to detect viruses known to be ‘in the wild’. Unlike some other similar-sounding schemes, Virus Bulletin uses the most up-to-date WildList in its tests. This means that products that are ‘up with the game’ are the ones most likely to be granted VB100 awards. More information about Virus Bulletin can be found on its website:

ESET NOD32 Currently 59 VB100 awards !
This brings the ESET Antivirus VB100 award total to 59 – still
the highest of any antivirus vendor!
December 2009 – ESET antivirus scoops 59th VB100 Award

Sophos Antivirus (UK)
Sophos’s anti-virus engine and identities are now packaged into
Webroot Spy Sweeper with Anti-Virus (Webroot Spysweeper one of world’s best)
Sophos wins VB100 on Windows XP
…..the 46th VB100 that Sophos has received !
(Note, Sophos is a corporate business application only available to Home Desktop in the new “marriage” combo suite created recently with industry leader Webroot Spysweeper.)

F-Secure Awards – Award-Winning Antivirus and Protection Products

Advanced +++ in AV-Comparatives Performance test
Dec 23, 2009
Anti-virus (Award)
F-Secure Internet Security 2010 receives VB100 award in the latest Virus Bulletin comparative review.
VB100 award
Dec 01, 2009
Internet Security (Award)

Kaspersky (Russia)
Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus solutions win prestigious VB100 award in testing on Windows 7 platform
One of the most popular anti-virus solutions among computer users, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009, won a VB100 award from Virus Bulletin on Windows Vista Business Edition.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus (PC Tools Spyware Doctor one of world’s best)
PC Tools receives prestigious Virus Bulletin VB100 awards
for Spyware Doctor and PC Tools AntiVirus

Desktop Products
 Avira AntiVir Premium
 Avira Premium Security Suite
 Avira AntiVir Professional

CounterSpy (antispyware) with Vipre Antivirus (CounterSpy one of world’s best)
VIPRE® Antivirus + Antispyware from Sunbelt Software Wins VB100 Award for Malware Detection on Windows 7 Platform

Kingsoft Internet Security
Kingsoft Internet Security 2009 obtains VB100 award from Virus Bulletin for April 2009
Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus
Internet security suite that contains anti-virus, anti-malware, a vulnerability scanner and personal firewall.
Find and fix rootkits, spyware, trojans, virus and malware infections. Protect your PC for less!
Forefront Client Security
Forefront Client Security wins VB100 award for Windows Server 2008 anti-malware

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