New Windows 7 Patch Disables Graphics Driver Updates More – Here is Fix

New Windows 7 Patch Disables Graphics Driver Updates More – Here is Fix…..


New Windows 7 Patch Is Effectively Malware, Disables Graphics Driver Updates And Windows …
“If you have Windows 7 set to automatically update every Tuesday, it’s time to permanently disable that feature with a vengeance. Microsoft MSFT -0.36% has just confirmed that a recent update — specifically KB 3004394 — is causing a range of serious problems and recommends removing it. ” …..


Install KB3024777 to fix an issue with KB3004394
Microsoft Corporation
The KB 3004394 update that was dated December 10, 2014 can cause additional problems on computers that are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and …

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Report: Softwares responsible for 76% of vulnerabilities – install Secunia PSI

Report: Softwares responsible for 76% of vulnerabilities – install Secunia PSI

Third-party programs responsible for 76% of vulnerabilities in popular software Posted on Feb 27, 2014 11:28 am Third-party programs are responsible for 76% of the vulnerabilities discovered in the 50 most popular programs in 2013, say the results of Secunia’s Vulnerability Review 2014, which is based on a samp… Read in browser »  

NOTE this was the great efforts and design and reasons for Microsoft creating Windows Vista, as it was shown and proven that Windows was NOT the reason for so much malware as an inadequately safe operating system. It was the third party – or simply all other softwares users installed on their computers that were the causes of malware infections via poor inadequate security coding and mainly always using Administrator Privileges were it was not necessary which gave malware administrator rights to run on the system. UAC – User Account Control was born in Vista which mitigated this. Bill Gates and Microsoft addressed ALL software creators worldwide to design safer hard coded softwares security-wise and not using administrator rights continually where not appropriate or necessary to run.

The security re-designed Windows Vista was on the heels of the Windows XP launch and years – where much of today’s malware was created and invented such as spyware itself, which did not exist before Windows XP. Here we are again with this reliable, credible, and well respected Secunia report. Malware is infecting systems thru weak softwares and NOT because of the Windows Operating System design. 

It is more than highly recommended for all users to install this free software for Home Users from Secunia (which I use too) which is a reliable durable software program that will scan the web for software updates that get issued for all softwares you may have installed. It can be set to automatically update them or manually. It can set to run with each computer start up in the background or to manually start and run a scan periodically as once a week or twice monthly. Now to do this manually can take hours and hours going to the software home website to check if updates are available, which many times are too hard to find at the site or not even posted there. Many softwares today finally added a Check For Updates button, which again can take all the time to continually open and close each software to check for Updates. The Secunia PSI automates these tasks ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND IS FREE TO HOME USERS !

(NOTE this will not install software Upgrades to next versions like on paid-for softwares were it will cost more for an upgrade. It scans for updates to your existing version.)

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
(Download at website)  
The Secunia PSI explained
The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks. Simply put, it scans software on your system and identifies programs in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals. It then supplies your computer with the necessary software security updates to keep it safe. The Secunia PSI even automates the updates for your insecure programs, making it a lot easier for you to maintain a secure PC. Using a scanner like Secunia PSI 3.0 is complementary to antivirus software, and as a free computer security program, is essential for every home computer.  

(From Secunia) :

PSI 3.0 Walkthrough  

Tim and Dave
Short animated story about security and why Tim is happier than Dave.  

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Information and Fix for newest Internet Explorer Zero Day flaw

Information and Fix for new Internet Explorer Zero Day flaw
Yes there is a new Internet Explorer Zero Day,
We hope our Visitors to our site observe the RSS Headliners on the left border which if clicked will take you to the Full Message at our BlueCollarPCSecurity Google Group with RSS Feeds also. Yahoo Groups has discontinued theirs just shortly ago, so we set up the Google Group for our Alerts RSS feed you can add to any RSS Reader also.
I have forgotten to post this new zero day exploit in Internet Explorer (all versions) information in our Blog Posts (center of our site, here) and we apologize to casual Visitors who may not have been alerted to this at our site as a plain in your face can’t miss post.
A Zero Day existing is a dangerous possibility existing for malware and cyber criminals to take stealth control of the PC system, and spy and worst, on infected computers by them via the Zero Day exploit.
Sometimes a Zero Day is in the actual Operating System itself (Windows). Here is one has been discovered in the Internet Explorer browser. These are fairly rare, and there are really only handfuls of them found over the years. The problem obviously is that either Windows or the browser has no defense (which ever the case with a zero day) basically and is prey. The only defense is generally a quality antimalware product with Real Time Protection enabled, usually as the yearly paid subscription. There are only a couple free ones with Real Time Protection (sometimes called HIPS, heuristics sniffs and blocks attempts in real time 24/7) like paid antimalware. Free home versions of antimalware DO NOT have Real Time Protection you have to pay for to enable, and therefore DO NOT block malware and attempts on the browser to gain access to the system with malware such as a Drive By infection – unseen while browsing the Net arriving at a bad website infects the PC without protection in place.
No there has not been the emergency patch yet from Microsoft. It may be issued in this next normal cycle of Windows Updates on the Second Tuesday (Patch Tuesday) each month which will be for October 2013. Generally there is what is called an Emergency Out-Of-Cycle Patch issued, meaning released when ready at anytime rather than in normal monthly Windows Updates every Second Tuesday each month. Yes there is a Microsoft Fix-It temporary fix available – SEE below, link.
Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution
ALSO you can use alternative free Mozilla Firefox browser until a Patch is issued. On Internet Explorer you can go to Settings and raise the Security Settings all the way up which blocks all Java, add-ons, and scripts and auto runs at websites and players etc. Kind of basically like plain text email.
National Cyber Awareness System:
Microsoft Releases Security Advisory for Internet Explorer
09/18/2013 03:33 PM EDT
Original release date: September 18, 2013
Microsoft issues emergency fix for Internet Explorer vulnerability
17 (UPI) — U.S tech giant Microsoft says it is issuing an emergency fix
to an Internet Explorer bug that has been exploited in active malware
attacks. All versions …
NOTE: All versions of Internet Explorer browser from Version 6 to 10 and 11 for Windows 8.1 are
affected, current temporary fix is designed to prevent exploitation of
the bug – and a permanent fix may follow at a later date.
Microsoft issued Fix it for actively exploited IE 0-day
Posted on Sep 18, 2013 04:22 pm
Microsoft has yesterday unexpectedly released a security advisory warning users about instances of active exploitation of a vulnerability found in all supported versions of Internet Explorer (6-11). …
Read in browser »
Microsoft Security Advisory (2887505)
Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Published: Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Heavy Attacks Expected as Microsoft Scrambles to Fix IE Flaw
Although it hasn’t been determined yet what malware is connected to the
exploit, it can be … “These exploits typically are used to download
advanced malware …
Latest IE 0-day insight: Background, severity and solutions
Posted on Sep 19, 2013 09:48 am
This recently discovered Internet Explorer zero day vulnerability is bad. Users and administrators should take immediate action to mitigate the risk. Considering the timing, I personally expect to see…
Read in browser »
IE 0-day attack reports push ISC to raise official threat level
Posted on Sep 23, 2013 03:41 pm
Over the weekend, FireEye researchers have managed to shed some light on the in-the-wild attacks leveraging the latest discovered Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2013-3893), and have tra…
Read in browser »
Latest IE 0-day still unpatched, attacks exploiting it go back three months
Posted on Sep 30, 2013 02:59 pm
While Microsoft is yet to issue a patch for the latest Internet Explorer zero-day (CVE-2013-3893), reports are coming in that the flaw has been exploited more widely and for a longer time than initial…
Read in browser »
Internet Explorer Zero-Day Malware Spreads Across Asia
 Tom’s Guide
A very serious zero-day exploit affecting Internet Explorer has gone into wide release, affecting banking and government websites in Japan and Taiwan as more …
New threats exploit IE flaw
FireEye says APT campaigns have specific activity that can be clustered
and tracked by unique indicators, and some campaigns employ the same
malware …
Zero-Day exploit (Definition)
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Options: How To Reset, Refresh, Reinstall Windows 8

Options: How To Reset, Refresh, Reinstall Windows 8 – Also Recovery Drive, System Repair Disk ….

I recommend going to the first link below here at Microsoft to get a little oriented into the several easy new options with Windows 8 as Refresh or Reset. These do not involve reinstalling Windows like traditionally from a Emergency Rescue Repair CD/DVD but may serve the same purpose. Of course with any suspected or actual malware infestation and infection go ahead with the old familiar re-install Windows as safest. You will absolutely want to create easily your Emergency Repair Disk and now also on Windows 8 you can use a USB Drive (sometimes called a thumb drive, like a USB Media Stick but must be USB Drive – same price).  

How to restore, refresh, or reset your PC
Applies to Windows 8, Windows RT
If you’re having problems with your PC, you can try to restore, refresh, or reset it. Restoring your PC is a way to undo recent system changes you’ve made. Refreshing your PC reinstalls Windows and keeps your personal files, settings, and the apps that came with your PC and apps that you installed from Windows Store. Resetting your PC reinstalls Windows but deletes your files, settings, and apps—except for the apps that came with your PC.
Create a USB recovery drive
How to Create and Use a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc in Windows 8
Windows 8 allows you to create a recovery drive (USB) or system repair disc (CD or DVD) that can be used to troubleshoot and restore your computer. Each type of recovery media gives you access to Windows’ advanced startup options. …
Everything You Need to Know About Refreshing and Resetting Your Windows 8 PC
Windows users regularly reinstall Windows (or restore from a recovery partition) to fix system problems. Windows 8 includes easier-to-use “Refresh” and “Reset” options that quickly restore Windows to a fresh, factory default configuration….
How to Use Refresh and Reset in Windows 8 to Easily Reinstall Your PC
Sick of formatting? Then learn how to breathe new life into your machines without formatting using the new Refresh and Reset features present in Windows 8. ….
How to Create a Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8
We have already shown you how to use the Refresh and Reset features in Windows 8, now we are back to show you how you can create a custom refresh image. This means next time you refresh your Windows 8 PC, you can use a custom image instead of the one that shipped with your PC. ….
How to Refresh or Reset Your Windows 8 PC Without the DVD
We have already shown you how you can use the new refresh and reset features in Windows 8 instead of formatting your PC, the problem is that you are required to insert your Windows DVD every time you want to use the features. Here’s how to do it without the DVD. ….
 YOU MAY WANT TO ADD….How to Make the F8 Key Work for Safe Mode in Windows 8
Booting into safe mode became non-trivial in Windows 8, especially if you were accustomed to the old F8 shortcut. Here is how to get F8 working again.
Note: we aren’t necessary recommending that everybody make this change – we are just showing that it is still an option. You can alternatively use some of the new Windows 8 features to fix your computer instead. ….ADDITONAL INFORMATIONHow To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer
Among the many changes coming with Windows 8 and new computers designed for it is a change in the way we access our computers’ BIOS. No longer do we press a certain key during the boot process to reveal the BIOS – instead, an option to access the BIOS is located in Windows 8’s boot options menu. Traditionally, computers displayed a message like Press F2 to enter setup ….
UEFI vs. BIOs in Windows 8 for desktop startup
Because the Windows 8 implementation of UEFI includes Secure Boot, an operating system such as Linux must be digitally signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA). In order for any Windows 8-certified machine to dual-boot into Linux, IT must ensure …
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BlueCollarPC Passes 8 million vistors

Welcome all, our BlueCollarPC.US (formerly BlueCollarPC.Net) passes the 8 Million Visitors mark!

Our original domain, the BlueCollarPC.Net, had just passed the 6 Million Visitors mark from 2005 until we moved to our present home – the BlueCollarPC.US in 2010. Originally, we started as a spyware information and free removal Commuity Help site in 2005. As malware became even more sophisticated, trojans trojans trojans, botnet infections were increasing and becoming more sophisticated as well.

In response, we simply expanded our site to be the full blown malware information and free removal Community Help Site. The term malware means simply all the catagory threats – both antivirus and antispyware catagories. Traditionally, viruses and worms and most trojans, and then rootkits added, were detected by traditional antivirus. Adware and then various and many spyware pacakages were then in the antispyware catagory of threats and detected, blocked, and removed by same – antispyware products.

So we then transferred our domain to the now BlueCollarPC.US for the new decade with a full emphasis in removal help of botnet infections – the new worst feared infection (massive payloads) surpassing rootkits. The greatest feared malware – rootkits – were unable to run on Windows Vista, but were always a dreaded infection for Windows XP. Now with Windows 8 and the new Secure Boot technology, rootkits are not able to start up and run on Win8. So the great botnet plague is now the worst feared enemy for the community of computer users and including all from Small Business all the way through Corporates etc. These are intensive massive payloads that need much removal diagnosis and help. There is generally always several areas of damage needing repair and resetting. They can even bypass traditional antimalware products if not up on their game – they walk through in seconds like it was not even there!



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Former webmaster of BlueCollarPC.Net / BlueCollarPC.Org and BlueCollarPC.Webs.Com. We have moved to www.BlueCollarPC.US for the new decade 2010 ongoing. Data Processor Certificate 1970  (IBM029,Univac026 – Sperry Rand Univac 9200/9300 Series COBAL). Novice to Advanced User to Amatuer Computer Forensics on Windows PC. Advanced Linux User also now.
Location: USA

Welcome to the BlueCollarPC ……    A Community Help Website

BlueCollarPC.US Launched June 14 2010 Personal Website for General Audiences with Computing Safety and Malware Removal Help and Information as main theme which includes memberships available for live help – at our Groups and Forums. Formerly Webmaster of BlueCollarPC.Net from 2005 -2009 (over 6 million Visitors) and back up BlueCollarPC.Org [closed]

Welcome to the www.BlueCollarPC.US We Thank You for choosing us as your additional Computing Security destination !

For the record….. I began the BlueCollarPC Computing Security Community Website in 2005 at the original .Net website. I believe at that time, the .Com website was actually a PC Repair Shop which I was not connected with. Towards the end of 2009, the BlueCollarPC .Net created by me had enjoyed just over 6 Million Vistors/Users! – and are proud to have helped and indeed actually had “discovery” in the security industry concerning the malware RASautodial registry entries discovered by Yours Truly. Never be afraid to ‘take a look under the hood’ of your PC ! You never know what you’ll find.


How And Where To Report Cyber Crime

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). IC3′s mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. For law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, local and international level, IC3 provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes. read more >>

Federal Trade Commission (USA) Complaint Input Form$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU03
If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft, you may use the form below to send a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The information you provide is up to you. However, if you don’t provide your name or other information, it may be impossible for us to refer, respond to, or investigate your complaint or request. To learn how we use the information you provide, please read our Privacy Policy.

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Cyber Investigations – Cybercrime

Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section

Our Cyber911 Help tipline is not intended to replace law enforcement emergency 911, 999 and other numbers worldwide. It is to help people know where to get help when they are being victimized online, and to provide help when help is needed. We work closely with law enforcement around the world, and require that when offline threats are involved that local law enforcement be notified before we can offer assistance to the victim or their local law enforcement…

ReportCybercrime.Com (Private)
Also, through our interactive forum you can get opinion of specialist attorneys and lawyers. Each lawyer in practice will give his opinion on matters, which are raised in the forum. You Can post queries view answers from experts and improve upon your knowledge base…

How to Report Cybercrime
WiredSafety’s Cyber911 Emergency tipline is not intended to replace law enforcement emergency 911, 999 and other numbers worldwide. It is to help people know where to get help when they are being victimized online, and to provide help when help is needed. We work closely with law enforcement around the world, and require that when offline threats are involved that local law enforcement be notified before we can offer assistance to the victim or their local law enforcement.

Take a Bite Out of Cyber Crime

Security product vendors
Links to developers and vendors of computer and network security products and services…

AEC (Trustport)
AVG (formerly Grisoft)
Agnitum (Outpost)
AhnLab (V3Net)
Aladdin (eSafe)
Alwil Software (avast!)
ArcaBit (ArcaVir)
Authentium (Command)
Avira (AntiVir)
BitDefender (formerly Softwin)
CA (Corporate)
CA (Home user)
Central Command (Vexira)
Check Point (ZoneAlarm)
ClamAV (open source)
Comodo (BOClean)
Cybersoft (VFind/VTSK)
Doctor Web
ESET (Nod32)
Filseclab (Twister)
Frisk Software (F-PROT)
HAURI (ViRobot)
IBM ISS (Proventia)
Intego (Mac specialist)
K7 Computing
Kaspersky Lab
Lavasoft (AdAware)
McAfee, Inc. (formerly Network Associates)
MicroWorld Software (eScan)
Microsoft (Forefront)
Microsoft (OneCare)
Moon Secure (open source AV for Windows project)
New Technology Wave Inc. (VirusChaser)
Norman Data Defense Systems
PC Tools (Spyware Doctor)
Panda Software
Per Systems
Proland Software (Protector Plus)
ProtectMac (Mac specialist)
Quick Heal Technologies
SecureMac (MacScan)
SpyBot – Search & Destroy
Sunbelt Software (CounterSpy, Vipre)
Symantec Corporation (Norton)
Trend Micro Inc.
VirusBlokAda (VBA32)
VirusBuster Ltd.
Webroot (Spy Sweeper)
eEye Digital Security (Blink)

Patch Coming Tuesday – Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day

Patch Coming Tuesday – Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day



As a follow up, there is the expected patch coming for the discovered Internet
Explorer 8 Zero-Day security hole being exploited by malware bad guys.


Microsoft Patch Tuesday To Include Critical Internet Explorer Fix


Microsoft did not release an anticipated Out-Of-Cycle Emergency Patch as perhaps
the timing just brought it right to the normal Patch Tuesday of Windows Updates,
which is the normal second Tuesday of each month.

Remember if you did apply the Microsoft Fix It for IE8 that you may want to
return and uninstall this before applying the appropriate Windows Updates due

You can find the link here in a brief write up here….

Where to find Microsoft “Fix It” for Internet Explorer 8 zero day fix


In Vista things changed as far as Windows stuff in the old Add/Remove Programs
in previous Windows XP. You do not see these in Programs and Features where
installed softwares are listed for performing Repair or Uninstall. If you
upgraded to IE9 (Internet Explorer Version 9) – you can uninstall it at the
Windows Updates section and then install IE8 from the Microsoft download site.



Where to find Microsoft Fix It for Internet Explorer 8 zero day fix

Where to find Microsoft Fix It for Internet Explorer 8 zero day fix ….


As has been lighting up the world web about another rare Internet Explorer zero day hole ….

this one for INTERNET EXPLORER VERSION 8 we have just posted a news link here…


Here is another PRESS item….

Microsoft Issues Temporary Fix For Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Flaw –


A successful attack enables a cybercriminal to infect a victim’s machine with additional malware and, if it is not detected, the malware could be used to steal account credentials, documents and other data. “The vulnerability may corrupt memory in a …


IF NOT FAMILIAR WITH MICROSOFT “FIX IT” — it is free from Microsoft at their sites for odd ball off the norm type little bugs and so on that are fixed with a simple click of “FIX IT” for the exact item only. For instance, one not too long ago was for the Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets whereby it was possible to infect that system with a third party gadget rigged with malware execution. The Fix It button inserted a basic kind of killbit to stop it from running altogether, thus preventing infection, but was more aimed at corporate/business computers for insured safety. So the Microsoft Fix It is basically a simle short snippet code for the programming to apply a bug fix or patch etc etc etc.






TITLE: Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 could allow remote code execution: May 8, 2013



The several Press releases never included the website link for it ! ! !


Webmaster, BlueCollarPC.US

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