Welcome all, archived blog installed

Welcome all, archived blog installed….. We have imported our archived blog posts from our original BlueCollarPC @ WordPress security blog. This is located at https://bluecollarpcwebs.wordpress.com/

We will keep the free version and continue to post to it, as has been linked for years. I am the original webmaster of the BlueCollarPC .Net and .Org and lastly .US . The BlueCollarPC .Net originally began about year 2005 as a help and information site dealing with spyware as main course. There were many video help tutorials for download in several formats. This became a huge site trafficking about 2,700 to 3,000 Visitors monthly, and tolled in at just over 6 million by 2009. Those kinds of numbers are usually seen at small business sites, but I had just a simple personal website !

Being able to help that many people who found our site as a primary or a main additional site for help and instruction in PC security and malware removal outweighed any personal pride or egotism in hits counters. That is what it was launched for, genuine informed help – not a personality contest. It was humbling to see those kinds of numbers though.

Push come to shove, our site was attacked and there were several behind the scenes personal attacks against myself and equipment – attempts at destroying computers and mobile computer. These attacks were sophisticated dreaded botnet payload attacks and another as attempting circumventing Vista technology and destruction. So, my site theme being “BlueCollarPC” as a spyware removal  site originally, now was upgraded to a full blown malware removal help and instruction site – all malware with heavy concentration into botnet detection and removal and restoration of damaged systems and I graduated through this all into Amateur Forensics (Computer Forensics). What did not kill us makes us stronger, and so it goes. All but the BlueCollarPC .US were closed with this new full malware removal site including information and help against all malware now as viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, botnets and bootkits. etc etc etc.

At the end of the decade (2000 to 2010) and into the new one, things seemed to be a ghost town at many help destinations as groups, forums, and lists, others. It seemed the whole “XP Generation” of  the “XP Years” (Windows XP) had graduated and learned it all or enough to carry them through. Of course I invested into a Vista PC which was the actual crown jewel of the decade in security software – unprecedented as an operating system itself being the best security software available. To this day Windows Users are unaware that viruses could not run on Vista and neither the dreaded rootkit malware. UAC User Account Control was just one of these new security technologies in Vista. First hand, no lie, two or three times I saw a virus execute to install on my Vista (drive by hit – bad website, tried to install scareware fake antivirus programs). Sure enough and word for word from Microsoft – “viruses are not able to write to the disk in Vista”. They the payloads were in Temporary Internet Files. All I had to do was close the browser with the settings I had clicked to “Delete All Temporary Internet Files” etc. I also use and ran CCleaner offering a little more clean up. That was it. The virus was gone ! I then scanned with high quality antimalware to prove it. Zero infection. The point  was, or joke, you did not even need antivirus with Vista – like “you’re kidding, you actually purchased antivirus for Vista ? What for ? ” Seeing is believing.

Windows 7 was the first time in history an operating system (Windows, Linux, Apple/Mac etc) was actually downgraded security wise. Users screamed about UAC. The security world kind of went with – what idiots, sorry to say. This did not make sense. It did not make sense worst, that Microsoft themselves accomadated them. LOL. You get what you pay for. They seemed to love no intrusion whatsoever on having a good time on the Net – utterly regardless of the dangers. It was like handing drunk teenagers the keys to the sports car. We all know how that ended. Many never made it home.

Enter Windows 8 with the new anti-rootkit / anti-bootkit technologies – the ‘secure boot’ Windows 8. Windows 8 is a gigantic leap forward from XP as blocking rootkits/bootkits from running before antimalware programs are able to boot to begin detecting malware attempting to run in the session. With XP, we all know if a rootkit was suspected it meant reinstalling Windows as the ONLY cure. The trouble was most anti-rootkit softwares were crap at detecting them and even worst at attempting to remove them. Enter Windows 8 new security technologies. THOSE DAYS are over with forever. Just before Windows 8 hit the streets there was hint at they could crack this. But as well there is new anti-malware softwares that can “cold boot” to detect this. Somewhat as being able to scan the system without even starting the computer and as it does start up. Bye bye, covered anyway.

Well back to re-launching BlueCollarPC.US – now in the WordPress format rather than the traditional website. Kind of all in one – blog and content, links. Spread the word – “We are back !” (StarTrekkies – Romulans and Enterprise Captain Picard in the Neutral Zone Confontation over Borg encroachments).

From our alternate back up website at https://sites.google.com/site/pcsecurityhelper/

Welcome to the BlueCollarPC Security Helper!
SPECIAL NOTE: Our Main Domain BlueCollarPC.US is being closed June 2012.
For the record….. I began the BlueCollarPC Computing Security Community Website in 2005 at the original .Net website. I believe at that time, the .Com website was actually a PC Repair Shop which I was not connected with. Towards the end of 2009, the BlueCollarPC .Net created by me had enjoyed just over 6 Million Vistors/Users! – are proud to have been a part of it all and indeed actually had “discovery” in the security industry concerning the malware RASautodial registry entries discovered by Yours Truly. Never be afraid to ‘take a look under the hood’ of your PC ! You never know what you’ll find.

We launched New Windows 8 Yahoo Group!

We launched New Windows 8 Yahoo Group!


Hello all, we have launched our new Windows 8 Yahoo Group and all are welcome to join ! We look forward to the release scheduled for this Fall, 2012. Many Windows XP Users are still out here, but XP will soon be retired – 2013/14? Many upgraded to Windows 7 skipping Windows Vista. Security wise, Windows Vista was the MOST secure Windows version EVER ! Did you know that viruses “can not write to the disk” on Vista ?

That means any virus attempting to infect Windows Vista ended up in temporary files that were as easily simply deleted as junk files when you closed the browser set to Delete All Temporary Internet Files When Closing Browser – or simply running a clean up utility for this such as the ever popular CCleaner. As well, rootkits (malware) were not able to run on Windows Vista.

Too many Users rejected Windows Vista and many involved in “Vista Bashing” and the security UAC (User Account Control) was basically downgraded to launch Windows 7 which became more popular (Vista accounting for just above 10 percent sales worldwide) . Go figure? It seems the first time EVER that an operating system was downgraded security wise at the public’s request! Windows 8 with many innovations – obviously – will include the newer technology to prevent rootkits and bootkits (malware) from infecting the system. Perhaps this was lent and reinvented from that awesome security ability in Vista.

It is an upgraded newer technology in Windows 8 as rootkits / bootkits (malware) start up as the computer is starting up BUT before the Windows system is fully booting which includes any antimalware (antivirus, antispyware) products starting and protecting the system against malware start ups that may have infected PC. Once a rootkit infects the system, it rapidly is able to hide from antivirus/antirootkit products scanning for them. These rootkits / bootkits remain generally as undetected because of this, as rootkits have always been a worst enemy of Windows and other systems such as Linux. The only cure generally has been to wipe (erase the computer disk) and reinstall Windows to Factory Fresh. Many times antimalware and anti-rootkit products are able to detect them, but are unable to remove them successfully.

Windows 8 has addressed these in response from Microsoft new technologies and includes the innovation and many new features of Windows 8, and seems more exciting than the innovative Windows XP release was in the day. Note there was one episode whereby this technology was ‘cracked’ by an apparent “proof of concept” in the Windows 8 preview versions that have been in use for awhile now. This, if ever successful, would be an extreme unlikely event in cyber criminal areas of usage. No doubt as in a ‘beta’ test version released to the public and techhies to discover bugs before formal release – this has been investigated and revisions made if needed before the formal release of Windows 8 to the public shortly.

Windows8Club · Windows 8 PC Help Club


Welcome to Windows 8 PC Help Club…. Windows 8 is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. It is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems and succeeds Windows 7. Development of this operating system started before the release of its predecessor in 2009. Its existence was first announced in January 2011 at Consumer Electronics Show. During its development and test phases, Microsoft released three pre-release versions: Developer Preview (September 13, 2011), Consumer Preview (February 29, 2012), and Release Preview (May 31, 2012). On August 1, 2012, Windows 8 graduated from the development stage and was released to manufacturing. Windows 8 is slated for general availability on October 26, 2012.

Windows 8 is built based on Metro design language and introduces a new form of “Windows 8-style software”, which may only be obtained through Windows Store. Windows 8 also features a new start screen, Internet Explorer 10, native support for USB 3.0, a new Windows Defender that combats malware (instead of only spyware), Windows To Go, and support for UEFI SecureBoot.

Windows 8 is available in four major editions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT. The first three have almost the same hardware requirements as that of Windows 7. The latter, however, runs on tablet computers with ARM architecture and has different hardware requirements. Hardware vendors willing to receive Microsoft’s certification for such devices need to adhere to a list of certification requirements. Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT will not be available at retail outlets.

Windows 8 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8


Group Email Addresses Related Link: https://sites.google.com/site/pcsecurityhelper/ Post message: Windows8Club@yahoogroups.com Subscribe: Windows8Club-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Unsubscribe: Windows8Club-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com List owner: Windows8Club-owner@yahoogroups.com

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New Portable – Microsoft releases Windows Defender Offline tool beta (create bootable CD,DVD,USB flash drive)

New Portable – Microsoft releases Windows Defender Offline tool beta (create bootable CD,DVD,USB flash drive)

New Portable – Microsoft releases Windows Defender Offline tool beta (create bootable CD,DVD,USB flash drive)

Microsoft releases Windows Defender Offline tool beta
The H
Users can choose to create a bootable CD, DVD or USB flash drive
Microsoft has published a public beta of an offline version of its
Windows Defender spyware removal software, formerly known as Microsoft
AntiSpyware. Using the Windows Defender Offline …

What is Windows Defender Offline Beta?

NOTES…. A big plus here is the antimalware product runs before a
bootkit can apparently, which coincides with the new security technology
in Windows 8 which unfortunately has already been cracked….

” Windows 8 Boot Security Cracked”

THREAT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bootkit#bootkit

\sarcasm\ …So Micro$oft will be passing out a free Windows Defender
Anti-Bootkit USB Drive stick and a Norton CD with each new Windows 8
purchase ? ! LOL ….sounds eerily like a Microsoft apology or the
opposite being offering the same type technology for XP users as
conceivably a bootkit can not run on Vista because rootkits can not.
Since Vista UAC has reportedly been cracked
…THEN it would seem this is indeed the next attack vector as creating
the bootkit to then circumvent Vista security to attempt running the
very first rootkit on Vista which means a payload described as a
“blended threat” <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blended_threat>; as
massive, is necessary, and will no doubt be tracked back by Cyber
Security agencies (FBI et al) and the antimalware industry and possibly
private citizen groups that go botnet hunting. BUT the obvious question
is hot to upload the payload to Vista ? Only those that could care less
about security or love to run Vista without UAC (turning it into a XP or
98 0r ME) are the ones that can even be infected with the payload to
even attempt to deliver the payload and attempt reports back as to how
well they did. Massive hit and miss circumstances for this ever to
become reality. Since Vista has not climbed too much above 10 to 12
percent of sales seems it would be missed by this pipe dream to date.
Still, food for thought – and I am still in the “I love my Vista” crowd
for life ! ! ! She will be most secure even over and above Windows 8.

Techworld.com – Vista’s UAC spots rootkits, tests find

I personally called Vista as the crown of security software for the
decade (2000-2010) as the operating system itself achieving what NO
other defense software did…..

AV-Test.org, which set out to find out how well anti-virus programmes
fared against known rootkits….
The answer was not particularly well at all, either for Windows XP, or
Vista-orientated products. Of 30 rootkits thrown at XP anti-malware
scanners, none of the seven AV suites found all 30, a similar story to
the six web-based scanners assessed. Only four of the 14 specialised
anti-rootkit tools managed a perfect score.

The best of the all-purpose suites was Avira AntiVir Premium Security
Suite, which found 29 active rootkits, with Norton finding as few as 18.
The anti-rootkit tools fared better, with AVG Anti-Rootkit Free, GMER,
Rootkit Unhooker LE, and Trend Micro Rootkit Buster achieving perfect
scores. The scores for removal were patchy, however, with all failing to
remove 100 percent of the rootkits they had found.

The results for Vista products were harder to assess because only six
rootkits could run on the OS, but the testers had to turn off UAC to get
even this far. Vista’s UAC itself spotted everything thrown in front of

Only three of the 17 AV tools for Vista managed to both detect and
successfully remove them, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2008, Panda Security
Antivirus 2008, and Norton Antivirus 2008.

That UAC can tell a user when a rootkit is trying to install itself is
not in itself surprising, as Vista is supposedly engineered from the
ground up to intercept all applications requests of any significance.


Emsisoft Emergency Kit 1.0 [FREE]
[Software collection]
Version – 6/8/2011
Your emergency kit for infected PCs!
Detects and removes Malware
>4 million known dangers
100% portable – perfect for USB sticks
HiJackFree and BlitzBlank included

ClamWin Portable (Antivirus, more) [FREE]
Antivirus to go…. ClamWin Portable is the popular ClamWin antivirus
packaged as a portable app, so you can take your antivirus with you to
scan files on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod,
portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving
any personal information behind.
NEWS: ClamWin Portable 0.97.1 (anti-virus) Released | PortableApps.com

ClamWin Portable 0.97.1 (anti-virus) Released. Submitted by John T.
Haller on June 17, 2011 – 7:46pm. logo ClamWin Portable 0.97.1 has been
released. …

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper (Beta) [FREE]
Note “beta” means it is actually still a test version with ability of
feedbacks from the community for any bugs found they need to correct. It
then is released as normal “alpha” version.
Microsoft ships free malware cleaner that boots from CD or USB
ZDNet (blog)
June 1, 2011, 10:15am PDT In a move aimed at cutting down on support
call costs, Microsoft has released a malware recovery tool that boots
from a CD or USB stick. Ryan Naraine is a journalist and social media
enthusiast specializing …

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner (Antispyware) [FREE]
Follow the instructions below to download the SUPERAntiSpyware Portable
Scanner. The scanner features our complete scanning and removal engine
and will detect AND remove over 1,000,000 spyware/malware infections.
The scanner does NOT install anything on your Start Menu or Program
Files and does NOT need to be uninstalled. The scanner contains the
latest definitions so you DO NOT need Internet Access on the infected
system to scan.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Comodo Cleaning Essentials is a set of portable antivirus tools
that will help you to detect and remove malware from an infected PC.
(DESKTOP http://www.comodo.com/ )

ESET SysInspector is a powerful, portable security tool that will
inspect your system’s files, running processes, Registry keys and more,
looking for and highlighting anything that could be a sign of malware.
(Makers of famous Eset NOD32 Antivirus – most awarded in history)
(DESKTOP http://www.eset.com/us/ )

Norman Malware Cleaner is an interesting portable antivirus tool which
will scan your PC, detecting and removing any malware that it uncovers.
(DESKTOP http://www.norman.com/en-us )

The AVG Rescue CD is a portable environment that comes with a range of
tools to help you clean up a virus-infected PC, fix hard drive problems,
and get an unbootable system working again. This variant of the rescue
CD is intended for installation on a USB flash drive. After downloading,
you should extract the archive contents directly to the root folder of
the USB drive
you’d like to use. (If you don’t have a tool that can read RAR files,
then try 7-ZIP).
(DESKTOP http://www.avg.com/us-en/homepage

CCleaner Portable
CCleaner Portable is a compact version of CCleaner that you can store on
a CD, USB flash drive, microSD, or even two floppy disks if you still
use those.
(DESKTOP http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner )

Webmaster/malware removal help
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HELP http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/BlueCollarPCSecurity/
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Subscribe: BlueCollarPCSecurity-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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Dishonest Windows Product Bashing By Linux Users Hurts Themselves, Others

Dishonest Windows Product Bashing By Linux Users Hurts Themselves, Others

The following is actually a summed up response to this type of activity that has pissed us off for years. I have finally pursued a suspected instance, a real incident actually, and gave intelligent somewhat lengthy informed repsonse to these ongoing users and their deceitful posts and portayed a main portion here as example for making Informed Decisions in Computing Security and EXPOSING dishonest Product Bashers to give that FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY to computer users everywhere. 

Help end it, compose your own in advance ! Make your own type Form Reply to save the anguishing time it takes with them (generally they are intentional and have been around for at least five years almost everywhere on the Net. Sickening. They have made soooo many sick ! SEE Vista Bashing as another prime example. These are the same using Linux, Apple/Mac, and Firefox with all the same product bashing lies and misinformation. It must be determined if they are plain ignorant of the truth or intentionally being so miserable as unfaithful to the community of computer users worldwide. Remember dishonest Product Bashing is generally always against Group Rules in any respectable group/list.



WEB http://linuxducks.webs.com/

Well and back to you….. I must say either you are very uninformed in Security or either than you are an intentional “product basher”. I will not go further but to explain my statement….

Your proponent is your advice of the Linux alternative to all this and here…. (quoted)
<<<If we assist them in living in the delusion that they are in a safe environment, then we do them no favors.>>>
…. is you doing exactly that. I remind you that Linux and Firefox have both been legally listed as riskware in official legal reports not too long ago, and have corrected greatly. Windows has never been listed as riskware. Internet Explorer is rated as the safest browser worldwide since Version 8 and including newer version 9. Microsoft Internet Explorer is part of the Windows Operating System and ergo has already been rated as secure and stable so it goes as being the ONLY browser worldwide to ever achieve “Unix Certification” because Microsoft Windows has been the only Operating System to achieve “Unix Certification” and therefore Internet Explorer being a part of that has been rated that. It is not a separate part of Windows as some add on software or in any bloatware package. It is part of the Windows Operating System. In that Linux has not been able to achieve Unix Certification is just one fact and legally that it is not more safe or more secure than Microsoft Windows – and neither Apple/Mac.

Linux has never denied or disputed these FACTS though you have by offering the alternative in the light of untrue product bashing. Linux speaks for itself. It does not have to lie about other products to make a dishonest buck. I have not known persons involved in Linux to be of such ill repute as one may believe by your promotion of it. You are not promoting Linux but rather dishonesty as false advertising and doing Linux or Windows Users ANY favor at all by your dishonesty or ignorance – as you have not made clear which yet. Ask anyone at Linux in other words and they will say No Thanks we don;t use or need that kind of Product Promotion and neither would we employ such an individual to do so. Linux ezines must stand on their own merit as you must by their posts.

You are spreading a delusion in security by ‘product bashing’ and your facts are less than laughable when examined. This is what “product bashing” generally refers to – based on a foundation of mistruths and open lies. Sometimes it is disallowed at a handful of forums I have noticed and for obvious reasons.

NOT TRUE…. quoted
<<<Here is an example. Someone will find an exploit and announce it publicly so that users will know and expect MS to patch it.>>>
That is illegal. No one may post legally any such code as proof of concept or otherwise that is destructive to networks, equipment, personal or company/corporate computers, etc. on the world wide web for public or private view. My source is a friend who is employed by MalwareBytes.Org in malware research whom I reported to an exact episode of same and was immediately removed from the world web and actions taken by Agencies.

NOT TRUE…. quoted
<<<Then they admit it and say that they are working on a fix. Then they say the fix will be available next patch Tuesday which is two weeks away.>>>
You are OBVIOUSLY product bashing or have made up a COMPLETE FANTASY about Microsoft Windows or are simply completely ignorant of the truth. The vast majority of Windows Users are well aware that through the beginning to mid “XP Years” that Windows Updates were released immediately after testing. This changed a few years ago, to as well accommodate IT on corporate levels, to every Second Tuesday of the month dubbed “Patch Tuesday”. Any CRITICAL or ZERO DAY PATCH/FIX is released IMMEDIATELY as OFFICIALLY called an OUT-OF CYCLE Microsoft Windows Critical Update.

NOT TRUE…..quoted
<<<Those Russian botnets exploit XP machines and while they are doing harm they would not be able to to it as effectively if Microsoft was on the ball.>>>
I just posted correction to your mistruths. The Microsoft “Out Of Cycle” Windows Update immediately patches security holes and/or code hardens. Botnets are not known as primary culprits in these exploits. “Scareware” as term for fake, rogue, pirated rebranded faulty malware infested antimalware products are the primary attackers. The American FBI has listed this as many many many others have. In fact the infamous SpyAxe was about first to do so in the WMF Metafile zero day in Windows half a decade ago. Using ignorance or mistruths via product bashing is NOT helping Linux. You may be even HURTING new Linux users as thinking that’s the way ALL Linux people are – completely dishonest liars and product bashers, what good could the product be ? You don;t want to do that do you ? ! Then don’t !

NOT TRUE …..quoted
<<<It does not affect me and so why should I care if others persist in using an OS made of Swiss cheese.>>>
Again, if you are product bashing via number of Security Updates to Windows by calling it “swiss cheese” meaning full of security holes the nefarious can exploit then we look to Linux Updates and as well your mention of them being published…. If we use your analogy of what constitutes “swiss cheese” let’s look at how many holes Linux has as compared to Windows (which has had a handful in the last year – and I run both a XP and Vista computer…..
Fwd: [USN-1137-1] Eucalyptus vulnerability
Fwd: [USN-1138-1] DBus-GLib vulnerability
Fwd: [USN-1138-2] NetworkManager and ModemManager update
Fwd: [USN-1140-1] PAM vulnerabilities
Fwd: [USN-1139-1] Bind vulnerabilities
Fwd: [USN-1146-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
Fw: [USN-1147-1] GIMP vulnerability
Fwd: [USN-1151-1] Nagios vulnerabilities
Fwd: [USN-1152-1] libvirt vulnerabilities
Fwd: [USN-1153-1] libxml2 vulnerability
Fwd: [USN-1154-1] OpenJDK 6 vulnerabilities
Fwd: [USN-1155-1] NBD vulnerability

OKAY THAT IS IN ABOUT ONE MONTH’S TIME ! ! ! Quazillions of Updates. Windows has NEVER had such a caseload of Windows Updates. No need to look it up or go ahead and google it. As source, I have been on Windows with one of the very first Windows XP computers sold in Nov. 2001 to present and Vista and 7 as well – and have had two or three offers from some important security firms actually to boot (I am disabled and declined).

Now via YOUR definition of “SWISS CHEESE” – we are looking at it ! ! ! Linux would be that and NOT Windows. Neither has Linux been attacked on the level Windows has been since it all began around the beginning of this last decade…. 2000 to 2010. Frankly there security departments have not had the level of attack and defense and will NOT achieve their sophistication until the next decade after 2020 IF they were attacked like Windows was/is starting tomorrow.  Again experience is the best teacher in some cases. In security you gain a “nose” and can sniff trouble and were as, or before, it happens. These are the top employees in security.

And the truth is, as I said Linux speaks for itself, here we see how busy they are and produce their equivalent of Windows Critical Security Updates through Update Manager. The ORIGINAL security argument came (and from many people as you speak here) about 2006 to 2008 that Linux, Apple/Mac, and Firefox were virtually malware immune and make Windows look like a joke. This lying and unfaithful and mistruths have been shown as the basis of dishonest or uninformed and sometimes even called “newbie hype” – basis or foundation and platform for “product bashing” and why this is frowned upon and most times actually disallowed by all honest users in the Community of computer operators on the worldwide web.

The truth in the above argument was based upon that 90 percent of all world computer ran Windows and was “were the money” is for those committing cyber theft via cyber crimewares such as password stealing viruses that also ran through Firefox via Java exploits, spyware installations, other crimewares as ransomware. It is too risky and costly for the cyber criminal underground to go “social engineering” hunting in tiny ponds where there is little internet financial transaction occurring – the other 10 percent of operating systems including Linux and Apple/Mac. THIS was and still is the truth about Windows being attacked so heavily and we have not even touched on Botnets via Botherders, Botlords, Botmasters committing corporate cyber crime via their botnet attacks in the form of Denial of Service Distribution Attacks (DDoS) holding corporations worldwide for illegal extortion ! Windows computers.

When the level of attacks happen to Linux and Apple/Mac that have occurred to Windows we will see how they fair. They will either do as good a job or a horrible one being way behind the patch/fix/updates immediately necessary. From what I have seen I would say their first incidents will be as awkward as it was for Windows.

Remember that just very recently both Linux Kernel Org and the Linux Software Repository have been hacked. This has NEVER occurred with Windows save the one incident of the Windows Updates website itself blocked by hackers temporarily during a zero day keeping slothful users from getting the Critical Update/Patch to block them out. These slothful users either by apathy or bad directions from bad or uninformed user helpers or simple ignorance of not knowing did not have Windows Updates set to Automatic Install as instructed and recommended to by Microsoft and the vast majority of responsible informed Windows users as we are and know to be.

NOW I do not wish to take back some compliments I made towards you but I think I SHOULD as I now suspect in your several answers together as I very slightly suspected that you are doing NOTHING but your little PRODUCT BASHING of Windows skit for all Linux Users. I feel the Owner/Moderator of this group should take action for same. I have made the case I feel for that.

The discussion here was not Linux or Windows – but SECURITY – which is what you have dishonestly or ignorantly given  what you called…. (quoted)
<<<If we assist them in living in the delusion that they are in a safe environment, then we do them no favours.>>>
You have given such delusion as to condemn yourself as dishonest in your product bashing portrayal of your position as being security correct with and for Linux to at least all the users in this group and all RSS Visitors to the group worldwide via RSS Readers of Public messages.

I will NOT post again and will maintain my position – and well spelled out – that I feel you have been dishonest and are nothing more than a Windows Product Basher as dishonest mistruths. In security we teach truth to the public so that they are enabled and EMPOWERED to make INFORMED DECISIONS as to computer security and their own security solutions for the same. Product Bashers do their best to misguide this most times as self aggrandizing but are very hurtful to uninformed followers. This is the main reason product bashers in security are immediately disallowed to continue further.

The only way I could not believe you are performing Windows Product Bashing is perhaps for you to read some, and study some, and verify some, and come back with some reply to admit you were ignorantly wrong in your statements. (I am a group owner and would have banned you already ! )

Otherwise I need NOT reply further. My reply of information to you is quite sufficient as just a little more than ‘surface’.

gerald philly pa usa
Amateur Forensics (computer)
Webmaster http://bluecollarpc.us/


–a concerned, VERY concerned Linux User and contributor !
On 11/1/2011 6:58 AM, R———- wrote:
> I meant in a broader context. Windows users will only know that Windows
> sucks and that it is part of the problem, if they experience it for what it
> is. If we assist them in living in the delusion that they are in a
> safe environment, then we do them no favours. Aside from that I have become
> a bit jaded about it all. It does not affect me and so why should I care if
> others persist in using an OS made of Swiss cheese.Those Russian botnets
> exploit XP machines and while they are doing harm they would not be able to
> to it as effectively if Microsoft was on the ball.
> Here is an example. Someone will find an exploit and announce it publicly
> so that users will know and expect MS to patch it. So, MS goes all quiet
> first. Then they deny it when asked directly. Then they say they are
> looking into it. Then they admit it and say that they are working on a fix.
> Then they say the fix will be available next patch Tuesday which is two
> weeks away. A month has passed and those botnets have been busy and the
> problem has travelled aroud the world affecting millions of MS customers.
> That would be bad if it happened just once, but it is the script.
> So, little old me, using Linux thinks, if MS does not care, why should I?
> MS has denied that the said botnets use Windows or exploit Windows, but
> they also say that the world will be safer when XP is closed down. We live
> in  a world of contradictions. My contradiction is that using Linux to help
> Windows users is like peeing on a forest fire when the forest ranger is
> asleep and the arsonists know it. As I said, I have been around the block a
> few times and have lost my enthusiasm for helping those who do not want it.
> So I handle the contradiction of not seeming to care, by using something
> that is far safer and trying to spread the word that it does not have to be
> this way, rather than saving people who do not know they are in trouble and
> are not asking for my help.
> Using an AV for me is not a good use of my time. I would rather be typing
> long messages to you.
> R———–
> Using Kubuntu 11.10, 64-bit
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