Welcome all, archived blog installed

Welcome all, archived blog installed….. We have imported our archived blog posts from our original BlueCollarPC @ WordPress security blog. This is located at https://bluecollarpcwebs.wordpress.com/

We will keep the free version and continue to post to it, as has been linked for years. I am the original webmaster of the BlueCollarPC .Net and .Org and lastly .US . The BlueCollarPC .Net originally began about year 2005 as a help and information site dealing with spyware as main course. There were many video help tutorials for download in several formats. This became a huge site trafficking about 2,700 to 3,000 Visitors monthly, and tolled in at just over 6 million by 2009. Those kinds of numbers are usually seen at small business sites, but I had just a simple personal website !

Being able to help that many people who found our site as a primary or a main additional site for help and instruction in PC security and malware removal outweighed any personal pride or egotism in hits counters. That is what it was launched for, genuine informed help – not a personality contest. It was humbling to see those kinds of numbers though.

Push come to shove, our site was attacked and there were several behind the scenes personal attacks against myself and equipment – attempts at destroying computers and mobile computer. These attacks were sophisticated dreaded botnet payload attacks and another as attempting circumventing Vista technology and destruction. So, my site theme being “BlueCollarPC” as a spyware removal  site originally, now was upgraded to a full blown malware removal help and instruction site – all malware with heavy concentration into botnet detection and removal and restoration of damaged systems and I graduated through this all into Amateur Forensics (Computer Forensics). What did not kill us makes us stronger, and so it goes. All but the BlueCollarPC .US were closed with this new full malware removal site including information and help against all malware now as viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, botnets and bootkits. etc etc etc.

At the end of the decade (2000 to 2010) and into the new one, things seemed to be a ghost town at many help destinations as groups, forums, and lists, others. It seemed the whole “XP Generation” of  the “XP Years” (Windows XP) had graduated and learned it all or enough to carry them through. Of course I invested into a Vista PC which was the actual crown jewel of the decade in security software – unprecedented as an operating system itself being the best security software available. To this day Windows Users are unaware that viruses could not run on Vista and neither the dreaded rootkit malware. UAC User Account Control was just one of these new security technologies in Vista. First hand, no lie, two or three times I saw a virus execute to install on my Vista (drive by hit – bad website, tried to install scareware fake antivirus programs). Sure enough and word for word from Microsoft – “viruses are not able to write to the disk in Vista”. They the payloads were in Temporary Internet Files. All I had to do was close the browser with the settings I had clicked to “Delete All Temporary Internet Files” etc. I also use and ran CCleaner offering a little more clean up. That was it. The virus was gone ! I then scanned with high quality antimalware to prove it. Zero infection. The point  was, or joke, you did not even need antivirus with Vista – like “you’re kidding, you actually purchased antivirus for Vista ? What for ? ” Seeing is believing.

Windows 7 was the first time in history an operating system (Windows, Linux, Apple/Mac etc) was actually downgraded security wise. Users screamed about UAC. The security world kind of went with – what idiots, sorry to say. This did not make sense. It did not make sense worst, that Microsoft themselves accomadated them. LOL. You get what you pay for. They seemed to love no intrusion whatsoever on having a good time on the Net – utterly regardless of the dangers. It was like handing drunk teenagers the keys to the sports car. We all know how that ended. Many never made it home.

Enter Windows 8 with the new anti-rootkit / anti-bootkit technologies – the ‘secure boot’ Windows 8. Windows 8 is a gigantic leap forward from XP as blocking rootkits/bootkits from running before antimalware programs are able to boot to begin detecting malware attempting to run in the session. With XP, we all know if a rootkit was suspected it meant reinstalling Windows as the ONLY cure. The trouble was most anti-rootkit softwares were crap at detecting them and even worst at attempting to remove them. Enter Windows 8 new security technologies. THOSE DAYS are over with forever. Just before Windows 8 hit the streets there was hint at they could crack this. But as well there is new anti-malware softwares that can “cold boot” to detect this. Somewhat as being able to scan the system without even starting the computer and as it does start up. Bye bye, covered anyway.

Well back to re-launching BlueCollarPC.US – now in the WordPress format rather than the traditional website. Kind of all in one – blog and content, links. Spread the word – “We are back !” (StarTrekkies – Romulans and Enterprise Captain Picard in the Neutral Zone Confontation over Borg encroachments).

From our alternate back up website at https://sites.google.com/site/pcsecurityhelper/

Welcome to the BlueCollarPC Security Helper!
SPECIAL NOTE: Our Main Domain BlueCollarPC.US is being closed June 2012.
For the record….. I began the BlueCollarPC Computing Security Community Website in 2005 at the original .Net website. I believe at that time, the .Com website was actually a PC Repair Shop which I was not connected with. Towards the end of 2009, the BlueCollarPC .Net created by me had enjoyed just over 6 Million Vistors/Users! – are proud to have been a part of it all and indeed actually had “discovery” in the security industry concerning the malware RASautodial registry entries discovered by Yours Truly. Never be afraid to ‘take a look under the hood’ of your PC ! You never know what you’ll find.

Medical Entities as targets of malware

Medical Entities as targets of malware….

Another disturbing report of how malware can affect our very lives at Medical Facilities and related operations (paramedic transport etc. ) …..

Malware disables ambulance response systems
An unspecified malware variant recently disabled the automated response systems of a New Zealand-based ambulance service. The service – which provides 90% of the emergency and non-emergency …..
FULL http://www.tgdaily.com/security-features/59635-malware-disables-ambulance-response-systems

Well the one view is Bill Gates has ruined the world with software computers. Defenses for this type attack – intentional or otherwise – are very complex and the future holds a couple security upgrades which one is that Microsoft plans to completely dump the Windows Operating System and create an entire new one at the 25 year anniversary. The other is one towards some of my recommendations and views in security for entities I hold and have recommended – to move towards setting up their own servers and be their own ISP (Internet Service Provider like AOL, MSN, Earthlink, Juno etc) even using dimished special “web applicances” with limited access (i.e. set up for database access only etc. SEE DEFINITION http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia_term/0,2542,t=Internet+appliance&i=45195,00.asp#fbid=mZ9KI5RdBTu …..as opposed to business computers . The servers would be the major investment but American upper class shareholders are to greedy most likely for profit’s sake to ever invest.

But, being their own ISP owning and operating their own servers leaves out all other internet traffic and being at the mercy of the defense abilities of the current world wide web servers and ISPs – which we plainly see are responsible for this fiasco that has occurred. YES they did have a “default” manual system they were able to fall back to very very very luckily.

QUOTED “Back-up systems immediately took over when it was detected and the workload was managed manually.”

Had it not been the medical system, no doubt the malware attack would have targeted and comprimised many personal data accounts for purposes of ID Theft and may have been the actual target of the malware but was an ooops by malware dummies.. These type attacks when intentional many times direct intentional attacks at entities and is frightening as they can move towards like the past “interstate shooters” in Maryland I think it was a couple years ago where the two, father and son, were shooting and killing people on the interstate and then called into Police to demand ransom to stop it. There is not enough Agency (internet cops) in America yet to police these things with hard sentences and even death penalties where deserved such as this one where obviously lives were put at risk by them – and all in all if death (s ) had occurred and because of them with precoignitive malice for illicit profit via murder and voluntary and involuntary manslughter.

QUOTED “Although the malware did not seem to specifically target the ambulance service, the incident is obviously not the first time a medical entity has been affected by viruses or worms.

As Sophos security expert Graham Cluley notes, the Mytob worm hit a number of London hospitals in 2008, while the Northwest Hospital and Medical Center in north Seattle was affected by a 2005 attack which shut down computers in the facility’s intensive care unit and prevented pagers from working properly. ”

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